In Spite of Big Tech Layoffs, Big Consulting Firms Still Seeking Tech Skills

Since the beginning of 2023, nearly 60,000 workers in U.S.-based tech companies have been laid off. Many businesses are continuing to announce new cuts in response to rising inflation and a rocky stock market, and at first glance the news appears increasingly dire for tech workers. In spite of the grim outlook, however, there are numerous companies and industries still in search of people with tech knowledge. Consulting firms in particular are looking to boost their technology practices, and could serve as a landing place for workers finding themselves recently adrift.

Consultancies such as KPMG are actively hiring data architects, digital and cloud consultants, tech project managers, and senior technology delivery managers. They’re seeking candidates with a range of technical skillsets, such as automation, strategy and architecture, cloud, blockchain, and scaling agile. The tech industry’s rapidly changing landscape means that KPMG and other consulting businesses like it are in need of people with a product mindset who are willing to continuously keep up with industry developments and who have the soft skills to communicate and manage stakeholders, work with teams, and solve complex problems.

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Companies looking to attract top tech talent must forge a strong business partnership between hiring managers and their recruitment team, building multi-layered strategies that can reach candidates for both niche and high-volume roles. People-friendly job ads showing what the company can do for its people rather than what the company needs from them, innovative social media content such as “day in the life” videos of employees, career fairs, and Q&A videos between hiring managers and in-house recruiters can all help provide greater detail about available jobs.

In-house recruitment teams must receive greater exposure to “big picture” discussions highlighting the wider operational agenda, giving them the ability to focus not only on immediate hiring needs, but who they may need to hire in the next six months to a year. Headhunters can also play a role by facilitating detailed discussions and casual conversations with hiring managers before formal interviews to provide needed insight into a role.

As the new year progresses, business leaders must continue to focus on building and maintaining a strong culture that they can demonstrate internally, and highlight externally. There is no shortage of highly qualified tech talent available, and smart companies will put in the work to bring them into their ranks.