Infor Acknowledges Delivery Models For Enterprise IT Projects To Change Due To Covid-19

With the wide-ranging impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on how businesses function, Infor has been quick to recognize that traditional physical workplace models may not return soon, and remote working may be here to stay at least for the foreseeable future.

In the light of this reality, Infor has been urging companies to evaluate new possibilities with remote go-lives and agile enterprise cloud migrations. Clearly, Infor is adapting itself to the new environment so that it can continue to gain business from its clients, but its argument is compelling that companies will indeed need to consider how to maintain agility in a post-virus world.

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While it may be early days still to estimate the medium and long-term impact of coronavirus on the enterprise IT market, the trends in recent years have already favored cloud, online collaboration, data driven decision making, resilient supply chains, and flexible workforce management. These trends are only going to gain momentum in the near future, and businesses will need support for managing what were already complicated projects.

Kevin Samuelson, the CEO of Infor, recently launched the company’s virtual event in Europe – Infor Inspire – with a pledge to support both clients and employees during this difficult transitional phase. On the client aspect, Samuelson said that Infor’s goal is to ensure that it continues to support its customers while delivering on their professional services projects.

Samuelson reassured clients that Infor’s services teams have been operating smoothly and making sure that the ongoing projects remain on plan and on budget. Even in challenging sectors in the current environment, such as healthcare in the US, Infor teams have continued to offer robust support and have not missed a beat.

Even in the area of cloud services support and uptime, Infor’s performance continues to be ahead of industry averages, despite the current challenges and unpredictability posed by Covid-19. Samuelson emphasized the critical importance of retaining agility for organizations so that they can continue to compete in the markets that are facing stiff challenge from VC-backed financially powerful disruptors as well as near-monopoly enterprises with vast amounts of investible capital.

Most firms that do not have that kind of limitless financing backing need to adopt agility in order to respond to the market challenges. This is where Cormac Watters, Infor’s head of International Markets, has proposed that companies should consider Infor’s ‘agility approach’ to cloud ERP migrations and remote go-lives.

According to Watters, the Covid-19 pandemic has propelled Infor to reconfigure its capabilities to a level where it not only delivers innovative products, but also becomes innovative in ‘how’ it delivers these products in the new environment.