Infor Keeps on Pace With Growing Prevalence of Amazon

Infor, the leading global IT services firm specializing in business cloud solutions, announced its integration with Amazon Business. In particular,

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their integrated services will be targeted to healthcare customers and facilitate spend management with thousands of suppliers.

Senior Vice President at Inform Healthcare states, "Infor is excited to integrate Amazon Business, providing our customers with access to hundreds of millions of supplies for work. We're always looking for new avenues to help our customers realize benefits quickly, and this was a perfect synergy for us."

He continues, "Our healthcare customers are focused on maintaining budgets, business efficiency, and realizing bottom-line results. Now, when a supplier's catalog is maintained by Amazon Business, there is less internal item maintenance, reducing the time and money spent on item master maintenance. Requesters can only purchase what has been agreed upon between the customer and Amazon Business, helping to reduce rogue spending occurrences."

There’s no denying the growing relevance of Amazon Business to companies across major sectors. Infor makes a deliberate move to solidify its ability to best service its clients. Today Infor has over 68,000 customers in over 170 countries. It’s customers include:

• The top 20 aerospace companies
• 9 of the top 10 high tech companies
• 14 of the 25 largest U.S. healthcare delivery networks
• 19 of the 20 largest U.S. cities
• 18 of the top 20 automotive suppliers
• 14 of the top 20 industrial distributors
• 13 of the top 20 global retailers
• 4 of the top 5 brewers
• 17 of the top 20 global banks
• 9 of the 10 largest global hotel brands
• 7 of the top 10 global luxury brands