Intensified Push for Permitting Reform by the Business Roundtable

The Business Roundtable, a prominent business group representing top corporate executives in the United States, is intensifying its efforts to push for a bipartisan permitting overhaul.

This campaign comes amidst ongoing negotiations to prevent a federal default and is seen as a potential breakthrough on the issue. The organization has allocated a significant six-figure sum towards an advertising and lobbying blitz to emphasize the urgent need for permitting reforms.

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The push for permitting reforms began prior to the passage of the expansive energy package by House Republicans in March 2023. However, it has remained a crucial focal point in the discussions between the White House and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy regarding raising the debt limit.

In order to further advocate for their cause, the Business Roundtable recently organized a summit on the issue, inviting key officials from the United for Infrastructure coalition to participate. This coalition includes prominent organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the AFL-CIO, the National Association of Manufacturers, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and Brookings' Metropolitan Policy Program.

To amplify their message, the Business Roundtable has launched a series of radio ads inside the Beltway, labeling the current permitting process as a "roadblock to new energy infrastructure projects."

These ads cleverly acknowledge the energy priorities of both Republicans and Democrats, aiming to garner support from both sides of the aisle. In addition to the radio ads, the organization has embarked on a comprehensive digital and print ad campaign, which includes a full-page print ad in POLITICO and daily newspaper advertisements in the states of lawmakers leading the charge for permitting reform.

The Business Roundtable's decision to escalate its permitting push signifies the importance of streamlining the permitting process for infrastructure projects. The organization believes that reforming the current system is vital for facilitating the development of new energy infrastructure and ensuring economic growth.

By mobilizing significant resources and collaborating with influential stakeholders through the United for Infrastructure coalition, the Business Roundtable seeks to influence policy discussions and gain bipartisan support for their cause.

With substantial financial investments in advertising and lobbying, along with strategic collaborations and public engagements, the organization aims to underscore the urgency of permitting reforms.

By doing so, they hope to overcome the existing obstacles and facilitate the realization of new energy infrastructure projects, all while addressing the concerns and priorities of both Republican and Democratic stakeholders.