Intevi And Karlson Combine To Launch Aura Futures

Back in mid-March, a former leadership team for an FTSE company launched Aura Futures, bringing Intevi and Karlson together to form the foundation of the new group. The deal was backed by Baird Capital, who will continue to work with Aura’s team as the company grows.

“We have huge aspirations for Aura in reimagining the future of workspaces,” says CEO Alpesh Unalkat. His statement is backed by the new company’s ambitious plans to build a business worth close to $251 million by 2025. Unalkat highlights the challenges workplaces now face in response to COVID-19, and the role Aura can play in helping organizations find solutions to meet their needs. Unalkat’s team work in tandem with both Intevi and Karlson’s management teams as part of the operating board.

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Aura is a consultancy and workspace technology provider for mid-to-large enterprises. Their focus is on workspace design, collaboration solutions, workflow and managed print services, digital media services, and transformation management. A global operation with six offices worldwide, they serve up to 300 clients in over 60 countries.

When the two companies camew together in late December 2019, Intevi was ranked #77 in the Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100. The list names the top 100 private companies in Britain with the fastest-growing sales of the last three years. Intevi’s annual sales growth rate was 50% in that period. Known for specializing in collaboration, Intevi is a digital media services and solutions provider. Their services encompass consultancy, design, build/implementation, support, maintenance, and project management.

Workflow and managed print series specialist Karlson aims to help businesses “achieve bespoke paper-lite realities.” They provide document management and managed print services in the UK, as well as document workflow automation, scanning and digital archiving, and internal and external print consolidation for a variety of industries spanning finance, legal, education, and retail. By focusing on improving document and print visibility, they aim to help companies gain greater control and continuously improve their processes.

For Baird Capital, this move followed their acquisition of Vega Global Group, a Hong Kong-based system integrator. Andrew Ferguson, a Baird Capital partner, and Director Michael Holgate will both join the Aura Futures board of directors.