IQVIA Rebrands Linguamatics Division to Enhance Language Services

IQVIA, one of the world’s largest clinical research organizations with revenues exceeding USD 15 billion and a market capitalization over USD 40 billion, has rebranded its UK-based natural language processing (NLP) division, Linguamatics. Acquired by IQVIA five years ago, Linguamatics specializes in NLP-based text mining to accelerate the drug discovery process for pharma-biotech and healthcare companies. The rebranded division now focuses on delivering AI-enabled language and translation solutions tailored specifically for healthcare and life sciences workflows. Richard Parnell, General Manager of Linguamatics, highlighted that the division's integration within IQVIA promotes collaboration and innovation, enhancing the provision of specialized language solutions.

Linguamatics leverages its NLP technology to extract insights from unstructured data and documents in drug development, real-world data, and other sources. It combines this technology with global translation solutions, expanding opportunities across languages and geographies. The division offers tools such as the Linguamatics Hub for translation management and Linguamatics Translate for instant machine translation, alongside an NLP content store with over 350 biomedical documents. The rebranding aligns with a broader trend among large CROs to insource language services for improved efficiency and data security. Parnell emphasized Linguamatics' commitment to advancing language technologies, particularly with Generative AI, to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes.

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