Kearney Reports Significant Growth in Sustainability Initiatives and Achievements

Chicago-based management consulting firm Kearney demonstrated substantial strides in sustainability efforts in its fifth annual sustainability report. The firm nearly doubled its engagement in sustainability projects in 2023, with over 300 projects undertaken, marking a significant increase from 2022's 170 projects. These projects encompassed a wide spectrum of sustainability areas, ranging from decarbonization strategies to fostering sustainable supply chains and circularity.

Moreover, Kearney's commitment to sustainability extended beyond project engagements. The establishment of the "Center for a Sustainable Future" in 2023 underscored the firm's dedication to facilitating collaboration among industry leaders and experts in the pursuit of regenerative business practices. Additionally, Kearney's notable achievements in reducing scope 1 and 2 emissions by 66% exceeded its 2030 reduction target, positioning it as a frontrunner in corporate sustainability. Recognition from entities like the CDP Climate A List and EcoVadis further solidified Kearney's standing among top-performing companies in environmental stewardship. Looking ahead, Kearney's plans to implement an internal carbon pricing program in 2024 demonstrate its ongoing commitment to driving transparency, accountability, and innovation in sustainability practices, with a steadfast goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

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