KPMG in The UK Surpasses $1.27 Million Fundraising Milestone for Marie Curie in Two Years

KPMG in the UK has achieved a significant milestone by raising over $1.27 million for Marie Curie, marking two years of their partnership. The collaboration began after KPMG staff voted to support the end-of-life charity.

The flagship Big Walks, a key contributor to the funds, saw 5,300 KPMG colleagues collectively cover an impressive 8,400+ miles during the summer months. This year's walks and distance challenges raised over $406K, surpassing the nearly $175K raised the previous year.

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In addition to the walks, 300 KPMG colleagues took on the challenge of abseiling 15 stories from the firm's London headquarters in Canary Wharf in September, raising over $92K.

Further, KPMG UK's commitment extends beyond fundraising to volunteering and pro bono efforts. The firm, along with Marie Curie and other stakeholders, has been actively collaborating to understand and overcome barriers to improving end-of-life care. Both entities have been examining statutory requirements for Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) to commission palliative and end-of-life care services tailored to local needs.

The new funds that exceeded $1.27 million, could support 43,000 hours of vital nursing care for individuals with terminal illnesses. KPMG UK aims to build on this success in both fundraising and pro bono work before the partnership concludes in September 2024.

Andrew Allison, Sales Lead within Connected Learning at KPMG UK, shared his personal experience of depending on Marie Curie's support. He emphasized the vital role the charity played in providing continuous care and assistance during a challenging time.

Rachel Hopcroft, Head of Corporate Affairs at KPMG UK, expressed pride in the achievements of the partnership, highlighting the enthusiastic engagement of thousands of KPMG colleagues in fundraising, volunteering, and pro bono initiatives. She looks forward to further collaborative efforts in the coming year.

The partnership between KPMG in the UK and Marie Curie aligns with the shared belief that everyone, irrespective of their background, should receive the same level of care and support when facing a terminal illness. The collaboration reflects a commitment to closing the gap in end-of-life care.