KPMG UK Prioritizes Mental Health by Addressing Eating Disorders in the Workplace

In an inspiring move towards fostering a culture of openness and support, KPMG UK, a prominent professional services network, has taken significant strides to openly address concerns such as eating disorders within its workforce. The firm's proactive approach to mental health and wellness reflects its commitment to reducing stigma and safeguarding the well-being of its 16,000 employees across the United Kingdom.

KPMG's mental health and wellness policy stands as a testament to its dedication to comprehensive employee care. The policy encompasses not only mental health but also preventive health measures, financial well-being, and support for working families. With its workforce as its foremost priority, KPMG is establishing a firm foundation for a resilient and empowered staff.

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At the heart of KPMG's endeavor to create an inclusive and empowering environment are its 15 employee networks, clubs, and societies. One such initiative is the BeMindful Network, which boasts a membership of over 1,000 partners and personnel. This network focuses explicitly on mental health and well-being, with the overarching goal of promoting health, happiness, and a sense of humanity within the organization.

Laura Verlander, an enterprise-wide technology senior manager and co-chair of the BeMindful Network at KPMG UK, emphasizes the organization's commitment to raising awareness around mental health issues. The network organizes events in alignment with quarterly themes, often aligned with the national mental health calendar. An integral part of these events are "In-conversation" sessions, where employees share their lived experiences, making the dialogue around mental health tangible and relatable.

Eating Disorder Awareness Week, observed from February 27 to March 5, marked a significant milestone in KPMG's efforts to address eating disorders. The BeMindful Network organized an in-conversation event centered around pregnant eating disorders and binge-eating disorders. During this session, three KPMG employees courageously shared their personal experiences, shedding light on the realities of these disorders. The success of KPMG's central well-being team's "This is Me" eating disorder series, which featured speakers from Beat, a renowned eating disorder charity, served as the inspiration for this event.

To provide ongoing support, KPMG offers a 24/7 BeWell employee help service and a dedicated well-being portal that provides access to relevant resources. This portal features a comprehensive section specifically dedicated to eating disorders, underscoring the organization's acknowledgment of their impact on employees and their loved ones. The The information provided includes symptoms, guidance, and connections to both internal and external support systems.

Ultimately, KPMG UK's unwavering commitment to addressing mental health concerns, including eating disorders, sets an inspiring example for organizations worldwide. By fostering an environment of openness, support, and dialogue, KPMG is actively dismantling stigma and ensuring that its employees feel valued, understood, and never alone on their journeys to well-being.