Leading Flat Rate Services for Google Cloud Platform

Recently, SADA, a west coast IT services firm specializing in Google Cloud technology, announced it had developed pre-packaged offerings dubbed Anthos First Step for fast deployment and Anthos Flat-Rate for ongoing cost controlled services.

SADA CTO Miles Ward expressed his enthusiasm for the Anthos line, “Anthos is going to be incredible for enterprise companies, but many are still trying to figure out how to use it. SADA is laser-focused on helping customers take advantage of this ground-breaking technology, without having to figure it all out on their own. No matter if you want to start with Anthos, Databases, or VMs: our new packages have been carefully designed to get customers to GCP on a fixed price and timeline. We think these predictable, low-risk services are going to be game-changers for every company considering Google infrastructure.”

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SADA President and CEO Tony Safoian also commented, “Multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud are key strategic initiatives for the vast majority of enterprises today. But delivery, set-up, education, guidance, training and support are still critical to harnessing the power of these technologies. Companies need partners they can trust, people with the knowledge, experience and relationships to guide their transformations from analog to digital-first businesses. When it comes to GCP, SADA is an authority. We are excited about our new services and look forward to helping our customers grow faster and become more innovative with GCP as their underlying tech infrastructure.”