Matt Zavadsky Joins PWW Advisory Group as Vice President

PWW Advisory Group, a prominent national mobile healthcare consulting firm, has appointed Matt Zavadsky as Vice President. With over 40 years of experience in EMS and mobile healthcare, Zavadsky brings a wealth of operational, clinical, and financial expertise to his new role. As a thought leader in the field, he has held leadership positions in both private and government sectors, earning recognition for his contributions to advancing out-of-hospital patient care.

Zavadsky's responsibilities at PWW Advisory Group will focus on enhancing EMS and mobile healthcare systems for local communities, EMS agencies, fire departments, ambulance services, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations nationwide. His extensive experience, coupled with numerous accolades including prestigious awards from organizations like the Public Relations Society of America and the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, positions him as a valuable asset in driving transformative change to improve patient outcomes and community healthcare delivery.

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