McKinsey and Celonis Collaborate to Enhance Process Efficiency

McKinsey and Celonis have formalized their partnership after two years of collaboration to visualize and optimize organizational processes. Celonis, recognized as the pioneer and global leader in process mining, provides clients with the tools to optimize processes, enhance business performance, and operate sustainably. Through this partnership, McKinsey aims to leverage Celonis' process insights to drive greater productivity and efficiency for clients amidst evolving macroeconomic challenges. Jan Wüllenweber, a Senior Partner at McKinsey, emphasizes the transformative impact of Celonis' visualization tools in helping companies understand and address inefficiencies within their operations, ultimately enhancing the speed and accuracy of business transformations.

Celonis' technology enables organizations to visualize end-to-end processes, regardless of complexity, highlighting bottlenecks and inaccuracies in data. By connecting to an organization's IT systems, Celonis captures data in real-time, creating a digital twin that accurately represents how processes operate. McKinsey's experts then interpret this data to identify areas for improvement and develop change plans, leveraging automation and organizational process updates. This collaboration has proven instrumental in helping companies achieve significant performance improvements, as demonstrated by a recent project with a North American automotive manufacturer that resulted in a 20 percent performance improvement in just six weeks.

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