McKinsey and Salesforce Partner to Speed Digital Transformations

The unexpected events of the past several years have driven businesses to speed their digital transformations, forcing the adoption of new ways of doing business and interacting with customers along with dramatic shifts in customer preferences. While many businesses have found ways to make the best of a tough situation, customers are still left wanting more convenience and personalized interactions with businesses. In response to those needs, McKinsey & Co. and Salesforce have announced a new strategic alliance to help businesses respond more effectively to consumers by leveraging McKinsey’s insights and transformation capabilities combined with Salesforce’s gold-standard CRM platform.

“By bringing the best of McKinsey and Salesforce together, we can help clients seamlessly navigate their end-to-end customer-centered digital transformation journeys and capture more value from Salesforce’s CRM and other cloud platforms,” said McKinsey Senior Partner and global head of Alliances and Acquisitions Peter Dahlstrom.

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The two firms have a long history of working together, and McKinsey’s recent acquisition of Salesforce Platinum Partner S4G Consulting builds on their relationship by combining McKinsey’s analytics, proprietary knowledge, benchmarks, and client-capability building with S4G’s deep expertise in the Salesforce CRM platform, helping many organizations bring their digital presence into the modern age.

Tyler Prince, EVP, Alliances and Channels at Salesforce echoed the sentiment: “Our alliance with McKinsey has enabled us to bring the power of Salesforce to life in transformative ways that are tailored to specific customers and industries . . . We look forward to continuing this collaboration and helping drive success for our joint customers.”

Salesforce and McKinsey have a strong track record of delivering successes to their mutual clients: in one case, the two joined forces to help a European gas-distribution leader develop and launch a new solution for CapEx management, and the two have also worked together to deliver an AI solution to optimize client selection processes and provide a real-time view into the deal pipeline for a global banking leader, not only delivering better performance in deal execution, but also improving the client experience.

As businesses continue to face a wide array of uncertainties and challenges, combining the deep expertise of McKinsey’s team with the best-in-class CRM technology of Salesforce is sure to help their mutual clients continue to come out on top.