MCPc Enables Clients To Better Understand Security Risks

Cybersecurity has been a top priority for companies both big and small—especially now that work patterns have shifted due to COVID-19. In fact, data from the World Economic Forum’s COVID-19 Risks Outlook found that 50% of enterprises were concerned about increased cyberattacks as more people are working remotely.

The concern is for good reason. Cyberattacks cost American companies a whopping $654 billion in 2018. For small businesses, 60% go under six months after suffering a breach.

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As a result, cybersecurity companies are working overtime to come up with new and innovative ways to protect their clients. One firm—Cleveland-based MCPc—is helping its clients minimize business disruption in more than 80 countries. MCPc has a team that includes over 60 security professionals and a Cyber & Security Leadership Team with over 200 years of law enforcement experience. Its suite of services includes Security Risk Management, Global Consulting & Alliance Partnerships, IT Asset Management, Asset Procurement, Configuration & Logistics, IT Asset Disposition, and Talent Solutions.

Last year, the company merged with Tampa-based TekMethods, an industry leader in IT Asset Management (ITAM) professional services, which strengthened MCPc’s Chain-of-Custody security strategy. The company has now launched Cybersecurity as a Service (CYBaaS), a service to help companies understand and identify their security vulnerabilities to better protect their business from cyberattacks.

“The threat landscape is very real and on the rise, significantly increasing the probability of a cyber incident taking place - particularly now with a distributed workforce,” MCPc Chief Information Security Officer Ronnie Munn said in a statement. “Having a clear and thoroughly-outlined Incident Response program and plan helps organizations dramatically reduce their chances of an attack and helps them 'keep their calm' in moments of crisis.”

Cybersecurity-as-a-Service provides companies with a comprehensive plan to prepare for and prevent cyberattacks, allowing clients to quickly discover areas of vulnerability, see areas of opportunity, and measure improvements. These solutions help companies lessen the impact of an attack on their business and operations.