MOYI Tech Forms Emerging Partnership with Deloitte for Future IT Consulting Needs

Talent consulting and business advisory firm MOYI Tech is considering a potential partnership with Deloitte to help support its future IT consulting needs. The Big 4 firm’s digital and consulting department could potentially leverage MOYI Tech’s vast talent network as a sub-vendor to bolster its capabilities and provide its clients with staffing for individual project needs.

Deloitte’s staffing services are a natural fit, given MOYI Tech’s focus on IT industry staffing, providing a boost to services such as vetting thousands of Microsoft and AWS engineers to ensure they meet strict requirements for each client. The company is currently working with industry-leading clients like Morgan Stanley, Tesla, and Goldman Sachs.

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“We're excited about the ongoing conversations with Deloitte regarding their client staffing needs and look forward to assisting them with our best-in-class services,” said MOYI Tech Chief Executive Officer Mark Wang. “We have discussed the future of the job market from a high-level executive perspective with their company leadership, including staffing needs for different industries and regions, and are confident that MOYI Tech's talent pool includes the ideal candidates to fulfill the needs of each Deloitte client.”

Additional discussions will cover how MOYI Tech could support Deloitte in conducting background checks for contractors and programmers, utilizing its three-level evaluation system that performs a visa and nationality status check, education and resume compatibility check, a criminal record search and clearance, as well as a mock interview, tech skills, and personality test. The two companies also discussed the use of artificial intelligence within the staffing industry, with Deloitte currently using generative AI such as ChatGPT to sort, evaluate, and select resumes to determine if they were written by a human or machine. MOYI Tech is currently developing a product in the same space to help candidates improve their resume quality as well as their interview and industry knowledge.

Deloitte is the world’s largest firm in overall services offered, having moved from the number 5 to the number 2 spot in consulting revenue with $25.8 billion. Their sheer size and scale of services offered results in a significant need for staffing, and MOYI Tech could be an ideal partner to help boost their capabilities in this space in the coming weeks.