New Wipro IBM Novus Lounge Primed With Transformative Cloud Services

Wipro Limited and IBM are coming together to launch the Wipro IBM Novus Lounge in Bengaluru, India. Through this collaboration, Wipro and IBM will develop hybrid cloud services to help Wipro customers securely manage key workloads and applications via public or private cloud and on-premises IT environments.

Wipro is an India-based leading global information technology company that provides consulting and business process services. The Wipro IBM Novus Lounge is both a physical innovation center with in-house services and a digital studio. Its offerings are wide-ranging, from cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and internet of things capabilities, to IBM and Red Hat solutions. These efforts cut across industries that include banking and financial services, energy and utilities, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare, at the level of enterprises, developers, and start-ups. By leveraging these services, they will work to increase business agility and innovation for their clients.

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This partnership comes as both IBM and Wipro seek to significantly expand. Wipro is beginning to recruit enterprise-focused solution providers, in an effort to increase the reach of its products, services, and intellectual property. Over the past few years, Wipro has developed 60 platforms and products in data analytics, artificial intelligence, security, virtual desktop infrastructure, and banking, which it is hoping to sell to other channel partners. Additionally, as an Amazon Web Service Partner Network member, Wipro has just recently expanded its collaboration with AWS to include DevOps. This is an exciting time for Wipro is they are seeing increased demand for their offerings.

This also follows in a trend of IBM’s moves to position itself as the leading cloud power. Its acquisition of Red Hat last summer allowed it to become the world’s number one hybrid multi-cloud provider. In March, they partnered with Infosys to launch industry-specific cloud services for businesses. IBM’s dedication to open source technology in each of these ventures means that it values security and scalability as it pushes cloud growth. This is an important consideration as it guides other companies through the early and mid-stages of their cloud journeys, especially as COVID-19 has resulted in increased demand for cloud offerings.