Nordic Consulting Launches Cloud Innovation Lab for Healthcare Transformation

Nordic Consulting unveiled its Cloud Innovation Lab during the HIMSS Global Health Conference, in collaboration with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The lab, located in Madison, Wisconsin, and accessible online, serves as an interactive digital simulation platform demonstrating the benefits and capabilities of cloud solutions for healthcare organizations worldwide. With seven pre-built solution demonstrations, healthcare leaders can explore the technical feasibility and expected outcomes of modernizing IT systems and transitioning to the cloud, fostering digital transformation in healthcare.

Designed to empower decision-makers with insights into the efficiency, financial benefits, and clinical improvements of cloud adoption, the Cloud Innovation Lab enables real-world scenario testing and planning for effective cloud migration strategies. Through interactive experiences and data simulations, healthcare leaders can evaluate the effectiveness of cloud-hosted digital tools, plan for system scalability, optimize workflows, and manage cloud investments efficiently. Nordic's commitment to practical digital transformation aims to support health systems in staying competitive, patient-centered, and future-ready while harnessing the power of technology to improve healthcare delivery worldwide.

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