Nordic Consulting Partners with Clinical Healthcare Analytics for Real-Time Clinical Insights

Nordic Consulting, a global health and technology consulting company, has announced a strategic partnership with Clinical Healthcare Analytics (CHA) to provide advanced diagnostic and treatment analytic solutions. Developed by physicians for physicians, CHA's cloud-based solution offers real-time analysis at the point-of-care, embedding automated insights into daily workflows to recommend evidence-based preventative measures. Nordic's Chief Medical Information Officer, Dr. Michael Augustyniak, highlights the partnership's focus on early diagnosis and reducing care timelines, aiming to address industry challenges related to disease state detection, clinician satisfaction, and patient-centered care.

This collaboration offers hospitals and health systems the opportunity for real-time early warning analysis, enhancing capabilities for predicting and monitoring acute disease states, throughput measures, readmission risks, and utilization review. By integrating CHA's solutions into existing workflows, Nordic aims to improve healthcare delivery efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately improving patient outcomes. With Nordic's expertise in technology consulting and CHA's focus on delivering critical analytics at the point of care, the partnership signifies a significant advancement in leveraging technology to drive improvements in clinical care and case management.

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