Palo Alto Networks and Accenture Expand Alliance to Enhance AI-Driven Cybersecurity

Palo Alto Networks Inc. and Accenture plc announced on May 13, 2024, an expansion of their strategic alliance, aiming to integrate their AI technologies and services to bolster organizational security in the AI era. This partnership introduces new offerings that merge Palo Alto Networks’ Precision AI technology with Accenture’s secure generative AI services. Precision AI is designed to provide real-time protection against sophisticated threats through machine learning, deep learning, and generative AI. It addresses the challenges posed by the rapid adoption of generative AI, such as AI-generated cyberattacks, while helping organizations scale AI effectively and securely.

The partnership focuses on delivering a secure AI future through intentional design, deployment, and use of AI, ensuring value creation while mitigating cybersecurity risks. Palo Alto Networks will provide "Secure AI by Design," an AI ecosystem emphasizing AI security frameworks, compliance, and data protection. Accenture will contribute AI diagnostic services powered by Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud AI Security Posture Management and AI Access Security. The joint offering features comprehensive security for the AI lifecycle, proactive threat detection, and responsible AI practices. This underscores the commitment to helping clients leverage AI securely, highlighting the transformative potential of AI combined with robust security measures.

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