Palo Alto Networks’ Tech Portfolio Broadens Deloitte’s Security Solutions

Leading professional services provider Deloitte has entered into an agreement with cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks. The partnership is intended to bring together Deloitte’s cyber risk consultation mastery and Palo Alto’s platform

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securities portfolio to create advanced solutions for security needs. Customers can expect these innovations to help streamline and simplify complex infrastructures, and maximize the return on their cybersecurity investments.

Deloitte, which has ranked number one in Gartner Market Share’s report on security consultancies by revenue, is drawing on a deep well of experience in driving digital transformations to uphold its end of the bargain. To facilitate the delivery of these flexible solutions, Deloitte will exercise its zero-trust and cloud security orchestration automation and response services. Those intrinsic security protocols are omnipresent in the Palo Alto collaboration agenda

Kieran Norton, Deloitte’s Risk & Financial Advisory Infrastructure Solution Leader and Principal, said, “Taking a proactive approach to cyber risk management by embedding security into the fabric of digital initiatives — often through the adoption of zero trust, automation, and orchestration — enables that change in a risk-aware fashion, identifying and addressing security gaps early in the process instead of waiting for trouble to arise. Together, Deloitte and Palo Alto Networks will assist our clients in achieving their digital business goals while building secure, resilient enterprises.” The alliance is concentrating on covering the public sector as a jumping-off point, with designs on security modernization for critical infrastructure, healthcare, life science, telecommunication, and media entities.

Deloitte’s zero-trust framework enablement, when boosted by Palo Alto’s technology offerings, can be more quickly adopted and implemented by customers seeking hasty turnarounds. In the right circumstances, this collaboration can afford customers a 40% cut to security compliance budgets, an 80% fall in dwell times, and a 35% reduction to the total cost of ownership.

Cloud security services from Deloitte now incorporate cloud-based security platform Prisma Cloud and security orchestration, automation, and response platform XSOAR, two products of Palo Alto Networks. These tools, when connected to Deloitte’s cloud security controls framework and extensive library of cases, add to the adaptability of solutions. Customers can affordably control their system safety outlook by ingraining advanced security into cloud deployments, transforming cloud risk from an overwhelming burden into a practically real-time, clear-cut consideration of little stress.