Professional Services Firms Shape Corporate Leadership: Insights from Top Executives

Executives from leading professional services firms like PwC, McKinsey, and BCG bring a wealth of skills and experiences to the corporate world. Mark Hall, Head of Acquisitions at WiseTech Global, highlights how his background in consulting equipped him to navigate unfamiliar sectors during times of crisis, such as the global financial crisis. Similarly, Michael Ackland, CFO at Telstra, credits his tenure at BCG for honing his problem-solving abilities, which proved invaluable when advising businesses in unfamiliar industries like petrochemicals. These experiences underscore the diverse skill set cultivated by professionals in the consulting realm.

Moreover, the transition from consulting to corporate leadership entails adapting to new dynamics. Executives like Jane Danziger, Woolworths' Chief Transformation Officer, note the shift from focused projects to managing a broad spectrum of simultaneous responsibilities. Despite the challenges, former consultants appreciate the opportunity to implement ideas directly and take ownership of their impact. This transition highlights the versatility and depth of expertise fostered by professional services firms, shaping the trajectory of corporate leadership across various industries.

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