ProHealth Care Partners with Optum to Enhance Patient Care and Streamline Operations

In a strategic move to enhance patient care and streamline administrative operations, Wisconsin-based ProHealth Care has announced a partnership with Optum, a subsidiary of the UnitedHealth Group. The collaboration aims to optimize ProHealth's revenue cycle and information technology (IT), informatics, analytics, and inpatient care, allowing the health system to focus on providing top-quality patient care.

This partnership will see over 800 ProHealth Care personnel joining Optum, where they will work together to maintain and improve the healthcare system. Optum's expertise in managing IT tasks will relieve ProHealth of administrative burdens, ultimately leading to a more efficient and patient-centered healthcare experience.

CEO Susan Edwards emphasized ProHealth Care's commitment to strategic partnerships, stating, “ProHealth Care has a long history of building strong strategic partnerships to accelerate our progress and better meet our patients' needs.” She believes that collaborating with Optum will bolster ProHealth's administrative functions, enabling them to grow as a premier independent, community-based health system.

Optum's involvement will not only streamline operations but also provide their employees with enhanced access to cutting-edge technology tools and opportunities for career development. This underscores the commitment of both organizations to drive innovation and improve the healthcare experience for both patients and communities.

Further, Chris Pass, President of Market Performance Partnerships at Optum, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing a shared mission to revolutionize healthcare. He stated, “Optum and ProHealth Care share a purpose to revolutionize health care for the people and communities we serve. We look forward to working with ProHealth Care to implement technological solutions that simplify patient and provider experiences and help administrators ensure high-quality care.”

This collaboration builds on Optum's track record of forging strategic relationships with healthcare providers. In January, they initiated a similar partnership with Maine-based Northern Light Health, underscoring Optum's commitment to driving positive change in healthcare delivery.

By leveraging Optum's expertise, ProHealth Care aims to elevate its service delivery and operational efficiency. This strategic alliance marks a significant step towards a future where patients receive high-quality care in a seamless and patient-centric manner, setting a new standard for community-based health systems.

By entrusting Optum with administrative functions, ProHealth Care is poised to provide an even higher level of care to its patients, setting a positive precedent for community-based health systems nationwide.