PwC Adopts UiPath To Drive Workplace Automation

Leading enterprise automation software company UiPath has announced that PricewaterhouseCoopers has selected its end-to-end automation platform to be integrated into PwC Perform. The Big Four firm’s proprietary operational automation methodology and management system assists organizations in increasing workflow efficiency and effectiveness to drive improved customer outcomes.

UiPath’s end-to-end automation platform is designed to empower customers with a robust suite of capabilities to uncover opportunities to automate and build, manage, run, improve, measure, and manage automations across departments. The company began its life in 2005 as a 10-person team in Bucharest, Romania. Led by Daniel Dines, it outsourced automation libraries and software functionality to some of the largest businesses in the world. In 2015, it expanded into teaching RPA via its UiPath Academy, producing over 35,000 certified developers and going public in an April 2021 IPO that raised over $1.3 billion—one of the largest U.S. software IPOs to date.

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The incorporation of the UiPath Platform will empower PwC to leverage the functionality of its automation capabilities, hastening time-to-value for customers seeking to rapidly advance digital transformation endeavors. As part of the firm’s Operations Transformation practice, PwC Perform is a 12-week suite of talent-focused training, design & implementation, and review methodology that streamlines workflows by improving leadership and management capabilities while providing tools and techniques to effectively run organizations.

“Our continued collaboration with PwC emphasizes the strategic value the company places on understanding how automation can fundamentally transform organizations and accelerate human achievement,” said Renzo Taal, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, EMEA, at UiPath. “Through embedding UiPath in its Perform offering, we believe PwC is well positioned to enable the future of work, in which workers gain freedom to work creatively and organizations transition to the fully automated enterprise.”

PwC holds the distinction of being a Diamond partner in the UiPath Business Partner program, the highest partner tier the company offers. To achieve this status, a vendor must consistently provide proof of delivery to both clients and UiPath, including delivering business consultation services, professional services, developer strategy, and execution plans. Certified partners must also maintain a large team of RPA specialists to meet those requirements as well as maintain internal RPA implementation documentation and a training program for their employees.