PwC Attains Guidewire Migration Acceleration Specialization

PwC, a renowned global consulting firm, has reached a significant milestone by achieving Guidewire Migration Acceleration Specialization, facilitating insurers' transition to Guidewire Cloud with enhanced efficiency and reduced costs. This specialization signifies PwC's dedication to delivering quality and predictability in cloud migration projects, supported by a dedicated Migration Acceleration team focused solely on Guidewire Cloud migrations.

As a Global Premier partner, PwC brings extensive experience and capabilities to handle complex migration endeavors, offering insurers a specialized and streamlined approach to transitioning to Guidewire Cloud. This expertise translates into minimized risks, increased efficiency, and improved outcomes for insurers navigating the challenges associated with cloud migration. Guidewire, through its Group Vice President, Lisa Walsh, emphasized the importance of partnering with firms like PwC to provide insurers with confidence and options in their journey to Guidewire Cloud. With this achievement, PwC further solidifies its position as one of Guidewire's top consulting partners, strategically assisting insurers in realizing their strategic objectives while effectively managing costs throughout the migration process.

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