PwC Implements AI Talent Platform to Enhance Internal Mobility

Yolanda Seals-Coffield, Chief People Officer at PwC, discusses the firm's innovative approach to internal talent management with HR Brew. PwC recently launched My Marketplace, an AI-powered talent platform aimed at facilitating internal recruitment and project allocation. Seals-Coffield highlights the platform's role in providing employees with greater transparency and control over their career paths within the organization, offering insights into available opportunities and encouraging active engagement.

My Marketplace leverages generative AI to match employee profiles with suitable roles and projects, drawing data from both internal records and external sources like LinkedIn. Employees are empowered to edit their profiles, express interest in opportunities beyond their current roles, and engage with listings created by recruiters, hiring managers, and project leads. With over 20,000 employees already engaged with the platform, PwC anticipates enhanced recruitment and retention strategies, aiming to create a dynamic work environment where talent can seamlessly move across roles and projects. Seals-Coffield envisions My Marketplace as a powerful retention tool, fostering a culture of internal mobility and ensuring the right talent is deployed to meet client needs effectively.

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