Risk Mitigation Consulting Strengthens Cybersecurity Arm with Securicon Acquisition

Risk Mitigation Consulting (RMC) announced its acquisition of Securicon, a cybersecurity services provider based in Alexandria, Virginia, marking a significant milestone in RMC's commitment to enhancing critical infrastructure protection and industrial cybersecurity. The merger, spearheaded by RMC's CEO Vince Kuchar, aims to leverage Securicon's specialized industry knowledge, particularly in device penetration testing and experience within the energy sector, to bolster RMC's comprehensive Mission Assurance and risk management solutions. With a focus on safeguarding the nation's most critical assets, the combined expertise of RMC and Securicon offers robust IT and OT cybersecurity services, reinforcing RMC's vision of assuring tomorrow.

Securicon's extensive background in information cybersecurity solutions, rooted in its work with the U.S. Federal government and commercial energy sectors, complements RMC's global presence and commitment to critical infrastructure protection. This strategic alignment fosters an environment of innovation and agility, enabling rapid adaptation to evolving security landscapes. As Paul Hurley, Securicon's retiring CEO, noted, the merger represents a fusion of mindsets and missions, with both companies sharing a dedication to integrity, authenticity, and creating a safer, more secure future.

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