SAIC Secures $1.3 Billion Treasury Cloud Contract

In a significant move towards modernizing its digital infrastructure, the U.S. Department of the Treasury has awarded a $1.3 billion cloud modernization contract to Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC). The contract aims to help the Treasury adopt a multi-cloud environment by leveraging cloud services from major providers such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle.

SAIC, a leading technology integrator, will act as a cloud broker, streamlining the administration of various cloud services for the Treasury. By centralizing the management of these services, SAIC will enable the Treasury Department to harness the power of the cloud efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively. The initiative, known as "T-Cloud," is set to revolutionize the way the Treasury utilizes and consumes data in the cloud.

Bob Genter, SAIC's president of defense and civilian sectors, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "SAIC is honored to be the Treasury Department's cloud services digital transformation partner." Genter further emphasized the importance of T-Cloud in facilitating the rapid and secure adoption of a modern, flexible, and cost-effective approach to cloud computing.

Under the contract, SAIC will provide comprehensive support services, including business operations, technical expertise, security measures, network management, service desk support, subject-matter expert assistance, and transition services. These services will aid the Treasury in seamlessly transitioning to a cloud-based infrastructure and ensure smooth operations throughout the migration process.

The Treasury's Office of the Chief Information Officer laid out a cloud roadmap in 2019, collaborating with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), procurement offices, and other stakeholders. The goal was to establish a unified approach to cloud adoption and address the scattered and duplicative implementation of cloud solutions across various Treasury bureaus. The T-Cloud initiative aims to rectify this by eliminating duplication, reducing costs, and streamlining procurement actions.

The seven-year contract awarded to SAIC highlights the Treasury's commitment to embracing cloud technology and leveraging its benefits across its operations. By partnering with SAIC, the Treasury Department expects to achieve greater agility, flexibility, and scalability in its digital infrastructure, enabling improved efficiency and enhanced services.

This substantial cloud contract awarded to SAIC is not an isolated case. Just last week, the Interior Department awarded Peraton a $1 billion cloud contract, while the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is also planning a department-wide cloud adoption contract. These developments reflect the increasing recognition within the U.S. government of the transformative power of cloud computing and the need to modernize IT infrastructure to meet evolving demands.

As the Treasury Department embarks on this ambitious cloud modernization journey, the collaboration with SAIC will be instrumental in unlocking the full potential of cloud services and transforming the way data is managed and utilized within the Treasury.