Salesforce and Accenture Collaborate to Transform Life Sciences with Advanced CRM and AI Technologies

Salesforce has recently unveiled its strategic initiative to enhance its customer management and analytics tools, specifically tailored for health sciences organizations. The emergence of numerous supporting positions to support the application of these advancements goes hand in hand with this move. In a bid to amplify its capabilities in the life sciences sector, Salesforce has joined forces with Accenture, a global professional services company.

Accenture has announced its collaboration with Salesforce, bringing its extensive expertise in biomedical research and artificial intelligence to the table. This partnership aims to empower medical technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies, fostering greater efficiency within their operations.

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The collaboration between Accenture and Salesforce began earlier in the year, with plans to establish an "acceleration hub" focused on leveraging Salesforce's generative AI technology. Salesforce's Senior Vice President and General Manager of Health and Life Sciences, Amit Khanna, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Accenture's deep understanding of the pharma and medtech spaces and their current work to transform patient experiences will help us create new innovation for life sciences companies and in the new development of Salesforce Life Sciences Cloud."

Salesforce introduced its life sciences cloud service last month, featuring a pharma-specific CRM platform and clinical and commercial tech tools. The clinical operations tools are meant to make drug and device companies' clinical trials more efficient by combining patient data, keeping track of trial events, and speeding up the process of adding new participants. Additionally, the commercial operations software utilizes AI and predictive analytics to aid medical device sales teams in inventory tracking, suggesting new products, and automating communication efforts.

While the Pharma CRM system is still in development, most Life Sciences Cloud functionalities are currently available to users. The release schedule indicates that clinical operations tools will be launched in early and mid-2024, sales automation tools in mid-2025, and an AI-powered healthcare provider interaction platform in October 2025.

Accenture will play a crucial role in the development and launch of these cloud-based technologies, offering complementary tools and methodologies. Emma McGuigan, Accenture's Senior Managing Director and Enterprise and Industrial Technologies Lead, emphasized the significance of data and AI in differentiating life sciences companies' client engagement. She stated, "Together with Salesforce, we can help organizations establish a digital foundation to support omni-channel experiences across sales, service and marketing with data and intelligence at the core."

The collaboration between Salesforce and Accenture underscores the rapid advancements in science and technology, making treatment decisions more complex. Salesforce has also enlisted the expertise of Accenture and Deloitte Digital to create a life-sciences-focused solution. This collaboration aligns with Deloitte's commitment to utilizing its life sciences and healthcare knowledge to enhance Salesforce's CRM platform for biopharma businesses, facilitating accelerated new drug development.