The KPMG ESG Academy’s Revolution in Leadership Development

In a world facing unprecedented challenges, the need for informed decision-making has never been more critical. Economic, geopolitical, and environmental crises have created an atmosphere of uncertainty, making growth planning a daunting task for business leaders. Recognizing this, KPMG, in collaboration with Microsoft and renowned universities, has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative, the KPMG ESG Academy.

The impressive capabilities of Microsoft 365, Azure, Teams, and Viva Learning power this cutting-edge platform, which makes use of the cutting-edge KPMG Learning Enablement and Analytics Platform. It serves as a scalable, turnkey solution designed to offer workplace learning on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters. This academy can be utilized as a standalone virtual learning tool or seamlessly integrated into existing in-house learning platforms to facilitate foundational and advanced ESG education.

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The meticulously curated course materials created by internationally renowned ESG specialists in collaboration with KPMG's sustainability subject matter experts are what distinguish the KPMG ESG Academy. These courses cover the latest business thought leadership in ESG topics, ensuring that learners are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and insights.

Importantly, the academy's course content is not one-size-fits-all. It is entirely customizable and expandable, enabling corporate clients to offer tailored ESG training to employees at all levels, from executive leadership to mid-management and non-management staff. This flexibility empowers organizations to focus on specific ESG aspects relevant to their industry and operational functions, whether it be circularity, reporting, or risk management.

The KPMG ESG Academy also capitalizes on the extensive global partnership between KPMG and Microsoft, tapping into their combined resources and expertise to accelerate the development of digital ESG solutions worldwide. This reflects their shared commitment to innovation and sustainability.

John McCalla-Leacy, Global ESG Head at KPMG International, emphasizes that the academy addresses a common issue that corporate leaders face: the complexity and lack of readily available information that impedes progress on their ESG journey. By consolidating crucial information, the KPMG ESG Academy empowers decision-makers to drive positive change within their organizations.

This initiative is part of a broader suite of digital solutions jointly developed by KPMG and Microsoft to help organizations navigate the complex landscape of ESG. The recently introduced KPMG Circularity Tracker, for instance, enhances clients' ESG understanding through automated data collection and model-based calculations, aligning with universally accepted circularity performance measurement frameworks.

With nearly 6,000 companies, representing a third of global market capitalization, setting science-based sustainability targets since 2015, the imperative for skills and knowledge in this domain is undeniable. Shelly Blackburn, VP Cross Solutions at Microsoft, underscores the importance of bridging the skill gap and commends the KPMG ESG Academy as a powerful tool for building sustainable organizations that address both current and future climate concerns.

In a landscape where informed decision-making is paramount, the KPMG ESG Academy stands as a beacon of hope, offering a transformative learning experience that empowers corporate leaders to navigate the complexities of ESG with confidence and purpose.