The Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Consultants and Leaders of 2023

The Consulting Report is pleased to announce the Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Consultants and Leaders of 2023. Artificial Intelligence, the ability to perform tasks and analyze data at human intelligence levels, is taking many industries by storm. Companies around the globe are rushing to adopt AI with the aim of lowering operational expenses, enhancing productivity, boosting earnings, and elevating customer satisfaction. Nonetheless, there is a large contingent of individuals who do not possess the requisite understanding and skills essential for the successful integration of AI. As a result, there has been a growing demand for the services of AI consultants. Today, more than ever, AI consultants have a vital function in connecting advanced technology with its real-world application. Their specialized knowledge assists companies in navigating the intricacies of AI integration, guaranteeing customized answers that match distinct organizational requirements. Through the analysis of data and business operations, they pinpoint opportunities where AI can optimize effectiveness, enrich customer interactions, and facilitate decision-making.

A former aerospace engineer, Yoni Malchi is a Managing Director in Consulting Services at WWT, where he is focused on AI and Cloud Strategy. With a passion for driving Fortune 500 enterprises to become more data-driven and analytics-focused, Malchi brings more than a decade of combined experience and demonstrated success in leadership and strategy. Another awardee that made this year's roster is Wim Verleyen, the Associate Director of Data & Analytics at Raytheon Technologies, the world's largest aerospace and defense company. As a technology leader with over 15 years of experience, Verleyen has a proven track record of advancing data capabilities for descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive services. Furthermore, we would like to honor Lan Guan, who currently leads the Accenture Center for Advanced AI. Guan, who holds more than 10 patents, is one of the sector’s top minds. In addition to being a much sought-after speaker on AI-related topics, she has published many industry white papers and journal articles about the growing impact of AI on corporate transformation.

Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of the Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Consultants and Leaders of 2023.


1. John Collins
Company: FTI Consulting
Title: Managing Director

As a Managing Director at FTI Consulting, John Collins helps clients deploy AI at scale to solve their business problems. Typically, the AI that Collins delivers involves deep learning neural networks, generative adversarial networks, reinforcement learning, and natural language processing – along with supporting Python ecosystems, data pipelines, predictive analytics, and UI. Notably, Collins is an expert in risk management, including market, credit, liquidity, operational, cyber, and compliance risks. On top of that, he has extensive capital markets experience across fixed income, foreign exchange, equities, delta one, and OTC derivatives.

Notably, he has achieved remarkable accomplishments, including the launch of Identif.AI, a pioneering AI-powered platform for sanctions screening and anti-money laundering transaction monitoring. Collins conceptualized, guided the development, and led the global implementation of Identif.AI, revolutionizing financial crimes compliance by addressing the challenge of excessive false positives.

Previously, Collins directed large transformation programs in global financial institutions, covering trading and portfolio management, market and credit risk, enterprise data architecture, and regulatory transformation. Collins holds a PhD in Finance (Financial Mathematics and Econometrics) from EDHEC Business School. In addition to his duties at FTI, he frequently collaborates on research projects and publishes papers with academic colleagues. His research interests include the use of DL for analysis of high-frequency financial time series and comparisons of DL to other complex non-linear state space models.


2. Sylvain Duranton
Company: Boston Consulting Group
Title: Managing Director & Senior Partner

Sylvain Duranton is a Managing Director and Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group. Furthermore, he serves as the Global Leader of BCG GAMMA, a business unit dedicated to Data Science and Advanced Analytics applied to business. At BCG, Duranton manages a team of 850+ data scientists, helping to provide support to businesses in the field of AI for companies across the world. Sylvain advocates for a “Human plus AI” approach. This means using AI systems alongside humans, not instead of them.

Duranton joined BCG in 1993 and is also a member of the Marketing & Sales global leadership team. Duranton is also an executive board member for one of the largest French NGOs, which aims to alleviate poverty and improve access to housing. He graduated from INSEAD with an MBA, from Mines Paris with an MEng in sociology and economics, and from École Polytechnique with an undergraduate degree in mathematics and computer science. Away from the office, Duranton is the founder and president of a chess club.


3. Paul Henninger
Company: KPMG UK
Title: Partner, Head of UK Connected Technology & Global Lighthouse

Paul Henninger is a Partner, Head of UK Connected Technology & Global Lighthouse at KPMG UK. As Head of Connected Technology, Henninger leads all UK Technology teams, including technology advisory, data & analytics, cloud & application engineering, automation; and its enterprise platforms teams across major platforms – including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Coupa and others. In his global role, he leads data, analytics, engineering, and automation capabilities.

With more than 25 years of experience, Henninger has worked across a wide-range of industries, including retail, technology, financial services, manufacturing, and government. His recent client work includes: leading the technology and business model transformation for the post-merger integration of two major financial infrastructure firms; and supporting the rapid deployment of vaccination programs. Trusted for his expertise, Henninger is frequently sought out as a subject-matter expert and advisor by leading organizations working on policy, R&D initiatives, and educational programs related to the adoption and development of data-driven technologies. He holds an undergraduate degree in architecture from Princeton University.


4. Valérie Perhirin
Company: Capgemini
Title: Managing Director of Data, Analytics, & AI

Valérie Perhirin began her professional career 18 years ago. Today, she is the Managing Director of Data, Analytics, & AI at Capgemini, a global leader in partnering with companies to transform and manage their business by harnessing the power of technology. With its strong 55-year heritage, Capgemini is trusted by its clients to address the entire breadth of their business needs: from strategy and design to operations – fueled by the fast-evolving and innovative world of cloud, data, AI, connectivity, software, digital engineering, and platforms.

Capgemini is backed by approximately 350,000 team members in more than 50 countries. Perhirin started her career in 2005 as a BI Project manager at Capgemini. From there, she became a Skill Group Manager, before assuming her current role. Perhirin graduated from La Sorbonne - Université Paris 1 with an undergraduate degree in mathematical models, economics, and finance.


5. Yoni Malchi
Company: World Wide Technology
Title: Managing Director and Head of Artificial Intelligence Research & Development

A former aerospace engineer, Yoni Malchi is a Managing Director in Consulting Services at WWT, where he is focused on AI and Cloud Strategy. In his current role, Malchi leads AI engagements with key customers, bridging the gap between the business and technology teams. Malchi also leads the AI R&D efforts, researching cutting-edge AI techniques, tools, and platforms to provide differentiated recommendations to their clients. Founded in 1990, World Wide Technology (WWT), a global technology solutions provider with $17 billion in annual revenue, combines the power of strategy, execution and partnership to accelerate digital transformational outcomes for premier organizations around the world.

With a passion for driving Fortune 500 enterprises to become more data-driven and analytics-focused, Malchi brings more than a decade of combined experience and demonstrated success in leadership and strategy. During his career, he’s focused on artificial intelligence, data analytics, and enterprise architecture. As such, he’s earned a reputation for being a pragmatic problem solver who thrives in unstructured environments that require quick learning across many different disciplines. He holds a BS and PhD in mechanical engineering from Union College and Penn State University, respectively.


6. Alejandro Zarate
Company: Marsh
Title: Managing Director, Global Head of Data Strategy

Alejandro Zarate is a Managing Director and the Global Head of Data Strategy at Marsh, the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor. With over 45,000 colleagues operating in 130 countries, Marsh serves commercial and individual clients with data-driven risk solutions and advisory services. Marsh is a business of Marsh McLennan, the world’s leading professional services firm in the areas of risk, strategy, and people. With an annual revenue of nearly $20 billion, Marsh McLennan helps clients navigate an increasingly dynamic and complex environment.

Zarate began his career in 1993. Before joining Marsh, he was an engagement manager of strategy and operations at Deloitte. Before that, he served as a manager of marketing and innovation at Rhodia EP. Earlier in his career, he worked with Solvay SA as sales manager. Zarate graduated from MIT with an MSc. in management of technology, predictive modeling, analytics and big data. He also graduated from Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business with an MBA and from Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad de México with an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering.


7. Alexander Sukharevsky
Company: McKinsey & Company
Title: Senior Partner

Alexander Sukharevsky has been a Senior Partner and the Global Leader of QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey, since 2020. Sukharevsky has overseen QuantumBlack’s expansion and emergence within the firm as a recognized leader in applied artificial intelligence. Currently, he leads digital operations around the world and focuses on scaling the use of artificial intelligence through the development of proprietary assets and partnerships with an ecosystem of leading technology companies.

Before taking on his role with QuantumBlack, Sukharevsky was the leader of McKinsey Digital in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. His work spans industries and countries, redefining business models while improving performance through the responsible use of artificial intelligence and technology. Prior to joining McKinsey, Sukharevsky worked with leading private equity and venture capital institutions. He also managed sales and operations for a leading global consumer company. Sukharevsky graduated from INSEAD with an MBA and from Tel Aviv University with an undergraduate degree in business administration and computer science.


8. Christine Livingston
Company: Protiviti
Title: Managing Director

Christine Livingston is a Managing Director and Leader of Protiviti’s Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things practices, where she is responsible for technology innovation initiatives. In these roles, Livingston focuses on identifying emerging technology opportunities, developing innovation strategies, overseeing technology innovation, and incorporating emerging technology capabilities into enterprise solutions, with a cross-industry focus. Her company, Protiviti, is a global consulting firm with more than 85 offices in over 25 countries. Notably, Livingston has spent over 15 years in technology consulting and applies her engineering background with advances in technology to unlock enterprise innovation.

Furthermore, with over a decade of experience in AI-ML deployment, Livingston has delivered hundreds of successful AI solutions, including many first-in-class AI-enabled applications. She has helped several Fortune 100 clients develop practical strategies for enterprise adoption of new and emerging technology, including the creation of capability-driven AI-enabled technology roadmaps. She is also an experienced public speaker, presenting several times a year in large forums such as technology and industry conferences. Livingston graduated from Columbia University with an MS in mechanical engineering and from Taylor University with an undergraduate degree in engineering physics.


9. Lori Sherer
Company: Bain & Company
Title: Partner

Lori Sherer is a Leader in Bain's Advanced Analytics and Digital practices. As an expert in the field of applying advanced analytics to address business challenges, Sherer brings a global perspective on state-of-the-art analytical methodologies and opportunities to her clients. At Bain, she leads case teams and collaborates with clients across a number of industries, including retail, banking, insurance, telecommunications, media and technology. Her work addresses a variety of topics: from strategy and organizational development to building and deploying analytics. Bain & Company is a global consultancy. Across 65 cities in 40 countries, they help the world’s most ambitious changemakers define the future.

Sherer has more than 20 years of experience in the field of advanced analytics and decision science as an adviser, practitioner, and entrepreneur. Prior to joining Bain in 2014, she co-founded and led McKinsey’s Insurance Solutions, which designs, builds and deploys analytics solutions across the customer value chain. Sherer honed her decision science experience as General Manager of the Enterprise Management division at FICO; and as Chief Strategy and New Applications Development Officer at RMS. She earned an MBA from Babson College. Sherer also graduated, summa cum laude, from New England College with a bachelor's in psychology and public administration.


10. Lan Guan
Company: Accenture
Title: Global Data and AI Lead, Senior Managing Director

A Senior Managing Director at Accenture, Lan Guan currently leads the Accenture Center for Advanced AI. Guan advises cross-industry C-suite clients to develop and implement data and Artificial Intelligence strategies and products with strategic goals of helping them grow in the new era of Generative AI. She specializes in data strategy, cloud architecture, robotics, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. During her time at Accenture, she has spearheaded a range of leadership initiatives, including serving on the advisory board of the AI4All organization, which aims to significantly increase the number of next-generation AI talents in society. She also pioneered a FutureofU partnership with multiple start-ups to recruit unconventional data and AI talent into Accenture.

Away from Accenture, Guan is an Adjunct Faculty with the Data Science Institute at Columbia University. As the recipient of the Top Women Leaders in Consulting for 2022, Guan has published many industry white papers and journal articles about the growing impact of AI on corporate transformation. She also co-authored a management handbook titled, "Selling Through Someone Else: How to Use Agile Sales Networks to Sell More." In addition, she is a sought-after industry speaker on data and AI. A passionate inventor, Guan holds more than 10 patents. She graduated from Wayne State University with a PhD ABD in econometrics and quantitative economics. Guan also graduated from the University of Michigan with an MBA in computational engineering.


11. Siân Townson
Company: Oliver Wyman
Title: Partner

Not only is Sian Townson a Partner at Oliver Wyman, but she is also the firm’s global expert in artificial intelligence (AI) risk and AI risk governance frameworks. Townson has over 20 years’ experience in statistical modeling (machine learning), and specializes in the evolution of AI and data privacy regulation, bias, fairness and interpretability of AI. Previously, she has partnered with organizations from a broad range of sectors, including finance, risk, healthcare, aviation, automotive, energy, and academia, among many others.

Townson also delivers advanced data and analytics training, helping organizations transform their workforce. Townson graduated from the University of Oxford with a Ph.D. in mathematical modeling of medical imaging for clinical motion analysis, from the University of London with an MS in mathematics, and from the University of Bristol with an undergraduate degree in equine science. Oliver Wyman is a global leader in management consulting, boasting offices in more than 70 cities across 30 countries.


12. Jean-Gabriel Prince
Company: KPMG
Title: Director, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

As a Director of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at KPMG US, Jean-Gabriel Prince helps companies leverage advanced technologies to transform their business. With a wealth of experience in various industries, Prince specializes in Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing, including Generative A.I. Over the years, he has led various cutting-edge A.I. projects for numerous large institutions. This includes applying machine learning to macro trading, designing and implementing Cybersecurity Data Lakes, Automating Regulatory Reporting, and Financial Document Processing, among many others. Prince’s firm, KPMG, is one of the world’s leading professional services firms with more than 75 offices and over 40,000 employees.

Before KPMG, Prince held several leadership positions in London and New York, including Head of Quantitative Research for two Systematic Macro Hedge Funds. He also served as a Portfolio Manager for BlackRock. He holds a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London and another master's in Applied Mathematics from INSA Toulouse. Moreover, Prince holds various certifications in Data Science, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Product Management, Agile Methodologies, Cybersecurity, and Risk Management from professional organizations like Microsoft, AWS, (ISC)², Scrum Alliance, and Pragmatic Institute.


13. Geert Hallemeesch
Company: Deloitte Consulting
Title: Partner, Artificial Intelligence & Data Leader

Geert Hallemeesch is a Partner and the Leader of Artificial Intelligence and Data for consulting giant Deloitte. Founded in 1845, Deloitte is the largest professional services network by revenue. The company is based in London, U.K., and is considered one of the Big Four accounting firms. Today, Deloitte consulting’s firms around the world help clients become leaders wherever they choose to compete. In 2022, Deloitte’s yearly revenue was nearly $60 billion.

Hallemeesch began his career in 1996. Before joining Deloitte Consulting, he was a co-founder and managing partner at Numius. Before that, he served as a senior consultant at Arthur Andersen. Earlier in his career, he worked with Siemens as a sales engineer. Hallemeesch graduated from KU Leuven with a master’s in commercial engineering in management information.


14. Michael Eiden
Company: Arthur D. Little
Title: Partner, Global Head, Artificial Intelligence

A Partner in Arthur D. Little’s London office, Michael Eiden is also a member of the company’s Digital Problem Solving team. Over the years, Eiden built the data science team at ADL. Today, he leads the team, guiding it as it delivers innovative state-of-the-art AI/ML solutions, which address complex problems in a variety of different industries. In his role, Eiden is responsible for any client delivery that contains AI/ML components, as well as ADL’s overall AI strategy.

Notably, Eiden is passionate about solving intricate real-world problems with modern, highly scalable data science approaches. He has two decades of hands-on experience in designing, developing, and implementing solutions. He has also worked in various different industries and geographies during his lengthy career. Eiden graduated from Universität Trier with a doctorate in bioinformatics.


15. Andrew Jaminson
Company: PA Consulting
Title: Partner

Andrew Jaminson is a Partner at PA Consulting, a company he’s been with since 2016. Jaminson works with governments and business leaders, helping them apply Artificial Intelligence and new technology to emerging business models. In doing so, Jamison helps his clients develop effective and sustainable solutions to business problems and create value that can be measured.

Driven by the desire to build a positive human future through the power of ingenuity, PA Consulting boasts more than 4,000 strategists, innovators, designers, consultants, digital experts, scientists, engineers, and technologists – all working in a wide range of industries around the world. Previously, Jaminson was a partner at NHS. Before that, he served as the head of health and social care at Capgemini. Earlier in his career, he worked with BT as a business development director. Jaminson earned an MBA and an undergraduate degree in psychology and philosophy from Queen's University Belfast.


16. Wim Verleyen
Company: Raytheon Technologies
Title: Associate Director Data & Analytics

Wim Verleyen is the Associate Director of Data & Analytics at Raytheon Technologies,the world's largest aerospace and defense company. With more than 180,000 global employees, they push the limits of technology and science to redefine how they connect and protect their world. The company, with 2022 sales of $67 billion, is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. Verleyen joined Raytheon Technologies in 2020.

As a technology leader with over 15 years of experience, Verleyen has a proven track record of advancing data capabilities for descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive services. In addition to his expertise in data science and machine learning, he also has significant experience working closely with technology leaders and business stakeholders, which has enabled Verleyen to define and execute AI/ML innovation that delivers tangible business value. Verleyen earned a PhD in machine learning for systems pathology from the University of St Andrews and a master’s in electrical and electronics engineering from the KU Leuven Faculty of Engineering Technology, De Nayer Campus.


17. Philipp Hansmann
Company: IBM iX
Title: Associate Partner

Philipp Hansmann began his professional career 16 years ago. Today, he is an Associate Partner at IBM iX, a global experience design partner within IBM Consulting. Working at the intersection of business, design and technology, IBM iX helps the world’s most influential companies create experiences, products, and services that reinvent their relationships with customers and employees. With experience capabilities and partnerships spanning strategy, design, development, and operations across a global network of 60 studios, IBM iX’s human-centered approach to business design helps accelerate innovation and transformation at scale.

Hansmann got his start in 2007 as a technical analyst at Sibelga. From there, he went on to ING - Tango, before eventually rising to managing consultant at IBM, his most recent position prior to joining IBM iX. Hansmann graduated from Maastricht University with a master's in marketing and from Maastricht University with an undergraduate degree in marketing and finance.


18. John Simmons
Company: PwC
Title: Principal, Data & Analytics Technologies

John Simmons is the Principal of Data and Analytics Technologies at PwC, the second-largest professional services network in the world. The company’s roots go back to 1849, with the creation of Price Waterhouse. Today, PwC firms are in 157 countries, across 742 locations, with 328,000 employees who are committed to delivering quality assurance, advisory, and tax services. In 2022, PwC reported an excess of $50 billion in annual revenue.

Simmons began his career in 1990. Before joining PwC, he was the SVP of application development at First Marblehead Corporation. Before that, he served as a principal for PRTM. Earlier in his career, Simmons worked with the USAF, Imagery Intelligence School as a 2d Lt. In terms of education, Simmons graduated from MIT’s Sloan School of Management with an MBA in operations, product development, and information technology. He also graduated from MIT with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering.


19. Drew Farris
Company: Booz Allen Hamilton
Title: Principal, Director, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Drew Farris is a Principal in Booz Allen’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning practice. He has over 9 years of experience building advanced analytics for the firm’s public sector clients. Before joining Booz Allen, Farris spent more than 12 years working with academic research teams and several startups: building information retrieval, machine learning, and large-scale data management platforms. Additionally, he has co-authored a variety of publications, including Booz Allen’s “Field Guide to Data Science” and “Machine Intelligence Primer,” and Taming Text, the 2013 Jolt Award-winning book on computational text processing. Furthermore, Farris is a member of the Apache Software Foundation. He has also contributed to a number of open source projects, including Apache Mahout, Lucene, and Solr.

At Booz Allen, Farris has long focused on emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and data science. Outside of client delivery, Farris is focused on the firm’s artificial intelligence technical agenda, especially where it intersects with research and development, cloud architectures, and modern software development practices. Notably, he serves as a technical liaison with key strategic partners such as NVIDIA and Microsoft. Farris holds a master's in information resource management from Syracuse University's iSchool, and a B.F.A. in computer graphics. Additionally, he is a certified instructor at NVIDIA's Deep Learning Institute.


20. Guido Zarrella
Company: MITRE Corporation
Title: Senior Principal Artificial Intelligence, Research Director

Guido Zarrella is the Research Program Leader for MITRE’s Decision Science research & development portfolio and a Senior Principal Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer in the AI and Autonomy Innovation Center within MITRE Labs. Zarrella first joined the company in 2001. His company, MITRE, is working to solve some of the nation’s biggest challenges in defense, cybersecurity, healthcare, homeland security, the judiciary, and transportation. Notably, MITRE is a not-for-profit corporation committed to the public interest, operating federally funded R&D centers on behalf of U.S. government sponsors.

In his current roles at MITRE, Zarrella oversees strategy and manages a research portfolio, where he explores the mission-inspired applications of machine intelligence and data-driven decision sciences. He also conducts research initiatives in pursuit of the equitable adoption of advanced information processing technologies against the nation’s hardest problems in climate, health, space, and national security. Zarrella earned an undergraduate degree in computer science and cognitive science from Carnegie Mellon University.


21. Mike Lalumiere
Company: Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Title: Vice President

Mike Lalumiere is a Vice President at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, one of America’s largest audit, tax and advisory firms — and the U.S. member firm of the Grant Thornton International Ltd global network. With revenues of $2.3 billion and almost 50 offices across the U.S., Grant Thornton is a community of more than 9,000 professionals. Lalumiere has been a part of the Grant Thornton team since 2019. In his current VP role, he leads the digital and technology consulting team, which focuses on maximizing data utilization by designing, developing and deploying solutions using analysis, process automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

A motivated and innovative leader, Lalumiere has been instrumental in helping numerous clients achieve a digital shift and reinvent their business model. He has solid business transformation, mergers and acquisitions expertise and has held a variety of positions in financial services, asset management, retail and manufacturing industries. He has also gained experience in numerous industry-leading ERP and performance management applications, as well as in managing software development teams. Lalumiere earned an undergraduate degree in microbiology and immunology from the Université de Montréal; and an undergraduate degree in accounting and finance from HEC Montréal.


22. Ajay Mangilal Jain
Company: Wipro
Title: Vice President, Data Analytics and AI Solutions

Ajay Mangilal Jain is the Vice President of Data Analytics and AI Solutions at Wipro, a technology services and consulting company with over 250,000 employees and business partners across 66 countries. As a leader with a passion for helping enterprises achieve digital transformation goals through Data, Analytics, and AI technologies, Jain provides strategic guidance to executives. He also manages client engagements across industry sectors, including Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Energy.

With 23 years of experience, Jain is regarded as a thought leader and visionary, guiding organizations to leverage data assets for business optimization, new revenue streams, and innovation. He started as a consultant in Financial Analytics at Satyam Computer Services. Later, Jain moved to Infosys as a practice engagement manager, managing client relationships and engagements in Big Data, Analytics, Information Management, Business Intelligence, and Performance Management. In 2012, Jain joined Wipro as a Director of Analytics & Information Management, progressing to a General Manager of AI Solutions, before his current role.


23. Dave Vennergrund
Company: General Dynamics Information Technology
Title: VP, AI and Data Insights

Dave Vennergrund is the VP of AI and Data Insights at General Dynamics Information Technology, a global technology and professional services company that delivers consulting, technology, and mission services to every major agency across the U.S. government, defense and intelligence community. Their 30,000 experts operate across 30 countries worldwide, offering leading capabilities in digital modernization, AI/ML, Cloud, Cyber and application development.

Vennergrund began his career in 1999. Before joining General Dynamics Information Technology, he was a director of data science service area at CSRA. Before that, he served as a director of data analytics innovation center at Salient CRGT. Earlier in his career, he worked with SRA as a director of a data mining center of excellence. Vennergrund graduated from Arizona State University with a MS in computer science; and from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with an undergraduate degree in computer science.


24. Mark McDonald
Company: Gartner
Title: Senior Director, Artificial Intelligence in Finance

Mark McDonald is the Senior Director of Artificial Intelligence in Finance at Gartner. As a $5 billion company, with over 19,500 associates, and a member of the S&P 500, they are an objective partner with 15,000+ client enterprises in more than 100 countries — across all major functions, in every industry and enterprise size. The consulting giant also boasts 40+ years of experience providing insights and expert guidance to client enterprises worldwide. McDonald began his career in 1992.

Prior to joining Gartner, McDonald spent most of his career at Siemens in a variety of financial, IT and M&A roles. This includes working on the integration of newly acquired companies into the Siemens administrative landscape. Additionally, he served as the CIO for the Siemens Mobile Phone business in the USA. McDonald graduated from Harvard Extension School with a master's in software engineering. He also graduated from Georgia State University with a MS in computer information systems and from Iowa State University with an undergraduate degree in accounting.


25. Kris Shrestha
Company: Raytheon Technologies
Title: Senior Director, Head of Applied Data

Kris Shrestha is the Senior Director and Head of Applied Data at Raytheon Technologies, the largest company in the aerospace and defense sector globally. Boasting a workforce exceeding 180,000 individuals worldwide, they continuously push the boundaries of technology and scientific advancement to transform the way they safeguard and link their global environment. The company, which achieved a revenue of $67 billion in 2022, has its main offices located in Arlington, Virginia.

Shrestha joined Raytheon in 2020 as associate director of data science. Previously, Shrestha was an Associate Director of Data Science at United Technologies. Before that, he served as a data scientist at Predikto. Earlier in his career, he worked with FarmLink as a data scientist. Shrestha earned a PhD in geosensing systems engineering, an ME in geosensing systems engineering, and an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Florida.