Three IT Services Firms Join Forces, A Private Equity Fueled Undertaking

The new combined company will have depth across healthcare, insurance and financial services as well as broader geographic reach. Recently

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it was announced that AHEAD, Blue Data and Sovereign Systems would execute a three way merger and create a single $1.3 billion company.

Founder and CEO of AHEAD Daniel Adamany will lead the new endeavor with Data Blue founder and CEO takes the role of president and chief revenue officer. The two primary companies have key strengths that are complementary. AHEAD has domain knowledge in enterprise service management, DevOps, analytics and security while Data Blue has focused on managed services and networking. Meanwhile, Sovereign has expertise in cloud, VMware and ServiceNow.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Data Blue and Sovereign Systems,” commented Adamany. “Together we’ll harness tremendous synergies between our offerings, our partners, and the markets we serve – all to the enormous benefit of clients.”

“This merger creates enormous value for our customers and partners, and makes sense on multiple levels,” Ayoub added. “Our firms share similar roots, are committed to client success, and know what it takes to grow profitably in a very competitive industry.”

“With this combination, our ability to scale expands substantially,” stated Matt Cadogan, managing partner of Sovereign. “Our larger, combined brand will help us serve clients more effectively, but the minimal regional overlap will allow us to maintain the close-knit relationships that our clients have come to expect.”