Top IT Performer Curvature Expands Offering

When businesses need to pick an IT services provider they can depend on for the long term they typically weight both the quality and quantity of the firm’s capabilities. And any firm that has managed to scale over a good number of years knows the value of keeping on pace with technology are in some cases, staying ahead of change.

Curvature is a top performing IT firm with more than 15,000 customers worldwide. Recently vice president of professional services commented, "As the pioneers of third-party maintenance, Curvature gives customers more choices in how they optimize their IT spend," further adding, "We are uniquely positioned to help organizations devise and deploy vendor-neutral approaches to extending IT asset lifecycles, maintaining uptime globally and moving to the cloud."

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Third party technology research and publishing firm IDC states in a market note, "Curvature Reaches Up the Value Stack with Professional Services," and continued with, "Curvature is making investments in its portfolio, people, and tools to move into the high-value professional services space."

The company's new service offerings includes Discovery-as-a-Service and IT Asset Management, Cloud Advisory Services and Optimization Services.

Such is the case to maintain market leadership and the respect of industry observers. Not only that, it makes perfect business sense. Curvature has an enviable installed customer base and in a competitive market it should continuously capitalize by offering more higher value services.