U.S. State Department Investigates Cyberattack on Government Contractor

The U.S. State Department has initiated an investigation into allegations of a cyberattack on a government contractor, following claims made by a hacker known as "IntelBroker." On April 2, 2024, IntelBroker asserted responsibility for stealing data pertaining to multiple U.S. agencies, including the State Department, Defense Department, and National Security Agency. The breach allegedly targeted Acuity, a Virginia-based technology consulting firm known for its work with federal agencies. While Acuity and the implicated government agencies have remained silent on the matter, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency declined to provide comment.

A State Department spokesperson confirmed the investigation, emphasizing the department's commitment to safeguarding its information and enhancing cybersecurity measures. However, specifics regarding the nature and extent of the breach were withheld for security reasons. The hacker's claims included the exposure of numerous legitimate U.S. government email addresses, originating from individuals employed by agencies such as the State Department, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Justice. IntelBroker, known for previous cyber incidents, has purportedly breached various high-profile targets, underscoring growing concerns over cybersecurity threats faced by government entities and private organizations alike.

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