U.S. Urged to Secure 5G Spectrum for $200B Economic Boost

A study commissioned by CTIA, the wireless industry association, and conducted by Accenture, highlights the potential economic gains for the U.S. by allocating internationally harmonized mid-band spectrum for 5G. The report emphasizes that unlocking these spectrum bands could inject approximately $200 billion into the American economy over the next decade. It underlines the importance of the U.S. adopting globally harmonized spectrum bands to avoid limiting its influence in the wireless industry, potentially impacting associated sectors such as manufacturing and utilities. The study urges swift action to secure the country's wireless leadership, arguing that this move would lower the cost of wireless products, foster innovation, and support the growth of trusted network infrastructure companies.

The focus should be on freeing up mid-band spectrum for licensed 5G use, fostering applications ranging from 5G home broadband to smart manufacturing. The report suggests specific bands, including the lower 3 GHz and the 7/8 GHz bands, which align with global trends and the National Spectrum Strategy. Leading the adoption of these key spectrum bands is projected to drive substantial economic growth, including job creation, industry leadership, and enhanced global competitiveness.

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