Wipro Changes Up Hiring Cadence, Better Plans For The Future

Demand for digital transformation services continues to grow as enterprises large and small seek more operating efficiencies. IT companies as a result are finding they need to plan appropriately for near term and longer term client engagements.

Recently Wipro announced it was hiring over 9,000 freshers across the globe. Although some of these newcomers may not be deployed on client engagements any time soon, Wipro can begin to train them in the areas that are most relevant. As a whole the fresher workforce will be ready at a moment’s notice as client engagements expand.

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According to chief human resources officer Saurab Govil, “There is a huge shortage of billable talent for digital transformation engagements. We are clearly on a growth mode. So, we are getting a ready bench of people to build capabilities and manage our future growth.’’

“We will also promote 5,000 junior level people in the December quarter and there may be additional pay hikes as well,’’ he continued.

Govil also commented on labor needs across geographies, “We are currently aggressively hiring freshers with the intent of how can we train them and pool them for our current requirements, especially in the growth areas. This is not just here but across the globe in the US, Europe. 68 per cent localisation is happening there in our biggest markets. In other markets also it’s going up.”