Wipro Increasingly Focused On Acquisitions To Enhance Offerings

The pursuit of growth is a continuous exercise when it comes to information technology. When the landscape is as competitive as it is, IT firms need to think of new ways to make themselves relevant to their clients’ everyday lives. Wipro believes acquiring digital natives will be effective in expanding their offering to clients old and new.

Rajan Kholi, President of Wipro Digital recently commented, “We pride ourselves on making sensible acquisitions that amplify our existing capabilities and expand our presence across different markets. These included Designit, Appirio, Cooper, Syfte and, most recently, International TechneGroup (ITI), a digital engineering and manufacturing solutions company."

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Through the acquisition of ITI, Wipro will be able to offer end-to-end solutions in the areas of digital engineering and manufacturing. In the most recent quarter, Wipro’s revenue grew 29% compared to the same quarter in the prior year.

But it’s not only through acquisition, that Wipro enhances its services. It is very keen on training its engineers to ensure they provide the best to clients. In fact, it has an internal crowdsourcing platform dubbed Top Gear where over 55,000 employees collaborate to provide additional support to client teams.

“Top Gear is also a social learning platform for workforce reskilling, with more than 2,000 learning assignments across more than 200 skills, presenting an avenue for our employees to upskill themselves. We also hire from universities close to our different markets and office branches," Kohli commented. “This localisation is important for us to not only create a global, diverse and distributed talent base, but also to be part of every community in which we operate."