ZS Acquires Digital-Software Company Medullan

ZS is a consulting firm that has focused on serving clients within the healthcare, technology and private equity industries since 1983. With a combined offering of services that include AI and analytics, marketing, sales, technology, strategy, and operations the company has put special emphasis on healthcare dealings, now with increased specificity as it proceeds with the newly announced acquisition of a digital health leader.

Medullan is a company specializing in building websites and mobile applications for healthcare industry clients. Initially founded in 2004, the company already has a favorable history among its 100+ successful clients. Medullan assists clients across different stages of the software development cycle including user research, UX design and problem diagnosis.

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ZS’s acquisition of this company comes at a time when digital health solutions are still on the rise, with COVID-19 pushing many companies and healthcare providers to create remote platforms of access for patients and users. Through this acquisition, ZS also gains a powerhouse virtual care platform that Medullan has been dedicated to perfecting, VARA. The hope is that the combined efforts of both companies in platform development will positively impact ZS’s success in a flooded digital market that is still weeding out inferior software.

"The power and flexibility of Medullan's platform and other capabilities – combined with ZS's deep business expertise, industry relationships, and global reach – mean that we're able to help our clients overcome digital delivery barriers and improve patient outcomes in this unprecedented moment."said Chris Wright, CEO of ZS.

The financial details of this deal are undisclosed, but this is the largest acquisition of ZS’s 37 years of operation. The company employs over 9,000 people across 25 offices worldwide, and now welcomes Medullan’s 80 additional employees with exuberance.
"The life sciences space has unique challenges and opportunities that we have been focused on," said Medullan CEO Ahmed Albaiti. "By combining our teams and technologies, we can provide unique, end-to-end digital health capabilities in an increasingly digital-first world that will define the future. Delivering that future, while meeting the regulatory demands in life sciences product innovation and decentralized trials, is what we can do today."