ZS Launches New Business Unit to Accelerate SaaS Innovations

ZS, a global management consulting and technology firm, announced the formation of a dedicated ZS Platform and Products business unit on May 6, 2024, to drive further innovation and expansion of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings. Under the leadership of ZS Chairman Jaideep Bajaj, the new unit underscores the firm’s commitment to enhancing its analytics platforms, AI tools, and cloud technology. ZS has been investing in SaaS products for over a decade, providing actionable insights for diverse industries, including life sciences, technology, food and beverage, travel, and hospitality. The firm continues to offer industry-leading consulting services while expanding its proprietary technologies such as ZAIDYNTM and Max.AI.

ZAIDYN, utilized by over 120 clients across 65 countries, is ZS’s cloud-native analytics platform, integrating with technologies like Salesforce and CRMs such as Veeva, and built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It includes more than 50 AI-infused products, empowering sales, marketing, and healthcare teams with intelligent solutions. Max.AI is ZS’s cross-industry AI and generative AI platform, enabling clients to develop and deploy domain-specific AI agents and applications securely. Max.AI combines machine learning models with large language models to address evolving client demands. ZS aims to help clients achieve digital transformation and respond to changing market needs.

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