ZS Launches New Business Unit to Boost SaaS Offerings

ZS, a management and technology consulting firm headquartered in Chicago, announced on May 6, 2024 the establishment of a new platform and products business unit aimed at enhancing its software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings. This new unit, led by chairman Jaideep Bajaj, signifies the firm's ongoing commitment to the SaaS market, projected to grow from $237 billion in 2022 to $908 billion by 2030. Despite this expansion in proprietary technology, ZS will continue providing its traditional management consulting services. Bajaj emphasized that this strategic move would allow ZS to offer clients a comprehensive suite of world-class product and consulting services, leveraging AI-powered, globally applicable, self-serve technologies to drive digital transformation and respond to evolving market needs.

The new unit will feature platforms such as Zaidyn and Max AI. Zaidyn, a cloud-native analytics platform built on AWS, includes over 50 AI-powered products and solutions like Zaidyn Commercial, Zaidyn Connected Health, and Zaidyn Marketplace, which assist in customer engagement, patient outcomes, and marketing analytics, respectively. Max AI, a generative AI platform, enables clients to integrate machine learning models with large language models to deploy autonomous AI agents and applications. CEO Pratap Khedkar highlighted the unique combination of top-flight consulting and innovative technology products that ZS offers, reinforcing the firm's transformation into a one-stop shop for client needs. Founded in 1983, ZS employs over 13,000 people across 35 offices globally, primarily serving the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

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