Accenture Announces Renewal Of Joint Cloud Acceleration Effort With AWS

For business leaders used to traditional on-premises hosting of IT infrastructure, “the cloud” may sound like a meaningless buzzword—a way for consultants and vendors to soak up limited budgets while delivering the same functionality as before. It takes forward-thinking leadership

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with a strong strategic vision to lean into the effort and expense required to migrate to cloud-based IT infrastructure, but with the support of consultancies like Accenture and the strength of platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), the rewards can be tremendous.

With most major corporations embracing the cloud, smaller companies risk falling behind the times, which is why Accenture recently announced the renewal of its joint business group with AWS, continuing their 13-year effort to help companies accelerate business value at scale by assisting with digital transformation. The Accenture AWS Business Group (AABG) offers a joint portfolio of 175 assets and 20,000 cloud specialists holding 24,000 AWS certifications, making Accenture one of the top systems integrators in the world. The renewed effort will see Accenture invest in developing a range of cloud accelerators over the next five years, seeking to empower companies to take full advantage of the scalability and versatility of the cloud ecosystem.

By tapping into AABG’s capabilities, companies can create differentiated, sustainable value by embracing the power to rapidly implement new ways of working, bringing innovation to the forefront of their businesses and maximizing return on investment in cloud infrastructure.

“On the Cloud Continuum, breakthrough innovations will continue at a rapid pace. Harnessing those innovations for competitive advantage will require a commitment to permanent reinvention,” said Karthik Narain, Global Lead of Accenture Cloud First. “Together, we’re investing with AWS to help companies prioritize and invest in people transformation as much as tech transformation, which yields an average of 60% higher cloud return on investment.”

The public cloud industry continues to rapidly expand, with an analysis by Gartner predicting revenue growth from $227.8 billion in 2019 to $354.6 billion by 2022. With the Accenture AWS Business Group’s support, even smaller companies can take advantage of the same tools and capabilities used by some of the largest companies in the world, and leverage innovations to drive ongoing and future success in today’s highly competitive business world.