CrowdPharm Announces Launch of Hot Iron Health

CrowdPharm, a global creative agency that leverages freelance creators around the world to deliver marketing solutions to the healthcare industry, recently announced the launch of Hot Iron Health, an independent healthcare strategy firm offering comprehensive brand-building expertise to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and animal health industries.

“We’ve been talking to clients about Hot Iron Health for months now and were not planning to officially launch until 2023,” said Mike Myers, Partner and Managing Director of CrowdPharm, who will lead the new firm’s efforts. “But with a few clients already engaged with the firm’s services, we have accelerated our timeline.”

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The new company will offer brand managers vital strategic insights through competitive response and simulation efforts, strategic consultation and thought leadership, and opportunity exploration and evaluation, helping drive brand success throughout the stages of a brand lifecycle. Hot Iron Health will serve as a sister company to CrowdPharm, leveraging its global talent network and seamlessly integrating with the agency’s capabilities and services.

“Healthcare companies consistently look to outside experts to help them achieve commercial market success,” said CrowdPharm Partner Steve Bernstein. “Hot Iron Health works and lives in this space, assisting clients and their brands as they strategically navigate the inherent challenges brands in healthcare face today.”

CrowdPharm was founded in 2017 to work both directly with pharma and biotech companies and as a white label resource to marketing agencies looking to refresh their talent and idea pools. The firm merged with ad agency Cross & Wild in 2021 to provide end-to-end services to healthcare marketers. The combined company offers access to more than 4,700 vetted global professionals working across 100 countries to cost effectively and efficiently deliver original marketing solutions.

Hot Iron Health’s earlier-than-planned launch seems likely to give it a leg up on its ability to connect with companies in need of its creative experience, and the combination of strategic brand-building expertise and thought leadership with a worldwide pool of vetted creative talent is sure to help companies in the health sector bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to marketing their products and services.