Deloitte Expands AI Academy to Bridge the Talent Gap in Generative AI

In a significant move, Deloitte has announced the expansion of its AI Academy to provide tailored Generative AI training programs to both its professionals and clients. This expansion underscores Deloitte's unwavering commitment to upskilling early career professionals and arming them with the essential skills for real-world AI and data science projects. The Deloitte AI Academy is collaborating with prestigious institutions such as Virginia Tech and the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee to develop custom curricula aimed at educating up to 10,000 Deloitte practitioners.

Generative AI, a field experiencing exponential growth, is witnessing an increasing demand for skilled professionals. Mike Luk, Managing Director and U.S. AI Academy Dean at Deloitte Consulting LLP emphasized the importance of practical, hands-on experience alongside theoretical knowledge in AI. He stated, "In addition to AI theory and research, we're delivering practical, hands-on experience to help our practitioners comprehend AI's context, how, and where."

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This expansion is part of the Deloitte Technology Academy, a component of the substantial $1.4 billion investment in learning and development known as Project 120. The collaboration with Virginia Tech and the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee provides Academy students access to renowned AI faculty, cutting-edge research, innovative concepts, hands-on exercises, intellectual property, and Deloitte's extensive domain and industry expertise - a unique blend of resources not found elsewhere.

Laura Freeman, Deputy Director of the Virginia Tech National Security Institute, noted, "Our faculty and students lead research on AI knowledge adoption at Virginia Tech. Our work with Deloitte AI Academy lets us apply our findings to real-world business developments and define Deloitte's curriculum on this disruptive technology."

Professor Millie Pant, Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing and joint faculty at IIT Roorkee's Mehta Family School for Data Science and AI, highlighted the initial vision of their collaboration with Deloitte. "Our collaboration with Deloitte started with a vision to revolutionize how organizations and academia work together to bridge the AI talent gap and mold our future leaders to be highly proficient in AI," she said.

Deloitte, in partnership with leading tech companies, offers courses catering to professionals of all levels, from basic Generative AI fluency to advanced techniques like prompt engineering and fine-tuning. There are also advanced certifications designed for technical professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in cutting-edge data and technologies, including NVIDIA Training courses on Generative AI.

The Deloitte AI Academy's excellence has been recognized with the "Best Advance in Competencies and Skills Development" award from the Brandon Hall Group. The Academy plays a pivotal role in supporting the Deloitte AI Institute's mission to foster positive AI growth and development through insightful conversations and groundbreaking research, including the development of a Trustworthy AI framework.

Prospective students and clients can find more information about the Deloitte AI Academy on its dedicated website. As the demand for AI expertise continues to soar, Deloitte's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering innovation in Generative AI positions it at the forefront of the AI revolution.