LG’s IT Plans Are Centered On Performance Monitoring

Autonomous diagnostics are a key part of IT service provision. Finding new and exciting ways to enhance performance evaluation is a surefire way to further elevate these offerings into an eye-catching, must-have technology solution. Recent IT service deployments from South Korea’s LG Group, called LG CNS Co., are designed to feature the company’s innovations in the self-sufficient IT stress test market.

This is an enticing idea for businesses seeking solid ground from which to build an IT enterprise. As an insurance policy for the hectic network activity that usually accompanies a commercial launch, LG’s fine-tuned solution has raised heads. The PerfecTwin Suite, which dates back to late 2019 and has been used on 20 extensive projects, has been updated to reflect the heavier traffic spurred by COVID-19 remote work.

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LG’s admitted failure in the mobile phone industry, and its unprecedented shuttering of that division, has allowed for a greater flow of resources to the PerfecTwin Suite and other programs. Upon its winding down in July, many of the employees from South Korea’s smartphone sector will end up working on LG CNS Co. projects. Instead of continuing to hemorrhage money in an ultra-competitive field, LG is banking on product development and IT solutions to reinvent itself.

The PerfecTwin Suite has the flexibility to scale its diagnostics exponentially, in order to simulate the effect sudden onset customer metrics would have on existing systems. For instance, in testing a business with an average 100 online orders an hour, the solution would inflate those numbers until it found a processing limit. From there, PerfecTwin determines the adjustments that’d furnish an improved capacity for transactions. Moreover, reduction in the time lost on automated IT testing is a major selling point for this solution.

IT infrastructure monitoring company Netreo Inc. has also staked a claim here. The acquisition of SaaS application programming auditor Stackify LLC will shore up Netreo’s contributions to full-stack monitoring and AIOps deployments for its clients. Jasmin Young, Chief Executive Officer at Netreo, said, “The acceleration of digital transformation and the rise of remote work this past year have made it even more critical for business and technology leaders to have actionable insights on the quality of internal and external digital customer experiences — more intelligently, efficiently and securely.” Among the benefits customers will experience from this union are centralized logging, transaction tracing, and higher visibility for workflows.