McKinsey Announces New Decarbonization Tech Platform

Since launching McKinsey Sustainability in April 2021, consulting firm McKinsey & Company has worked to provide clients with the guidance needed to achieve their climate-focused goals, including net-zero pledges. As governments and the public continue to scrutinize and hold companies to their climate promises, the firm recently announced the rollout of a new platform geared toward accelerating the adoption of carbon-reducing technology.

The new offering, McKinsey Platform for Climate Technologies (MPCT), comes as part of an effort to assist clients in identifying, developing, deploying, and scaling technologies for moving products, services, and systems toward a carbon-neutral future. The firm announced the new offering in a recent press release.

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MPCT is centered around 10 technologies viewed as critical to achieving decarbonization goals, including alternative food proteins, nature-based solutions, and hydrogen and battery storage. McKinsey will partner with clients as they work to embrace and rapidly scale these technologies to achieve their climate goals. Backed by research and insights contributed by organizations such as the Hydrogen Council, the Long Duration Energy Storage Council, and the Coalition for Negative Emissions, MPCT will help leaders rapidly adapt to new innovations in the fight against climate change.

“The net-zero equation is not yet solved,” says McKinsey Senior Partner Mark Patel, who co-leads MPCT, “but we are optimistic that it can be with bold action and smart innovation. Climate technologies are a necessary part of the solution, and leaders must respond to the urgency of this moment by adopting and scaling them at an unprecedented pace. Through MPCT, we can help them accelerate value creation, realize their most ambitious business objectives, and emerge as net-zero champions both within and beyond their respective industries.”

While emissions reductions are critical to avoiding the worst impacts of climate change, a recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has made it clear that there is no way to keep global temperatures within 1.5°C without extensive and permanent reductions in the CO2 already present in the atmosphere. Such an effort will require a dramatic acceleration in the creation, deployment, and adoption of carbon-reducing technologies at significant scale. MPCT is sure to help in the push to decarbonize the future.