New Cybersecurity Center Launched by Google, Accenture Federal, and Mandiant

In a significant stride towards fortifying the nation's cybersecurity infrastructure, Google Public Sector, in collaboration with Accenture Federal Services and Mandiant, unveiled the Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. This pioneering initiative aims to empower U.S. federal agencies to detect and respond to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

The center will leverage Mandiant's cutting-edge threat intelligence platform alongside Accenture Federal Services' human-centered cybersecurity services. This formidable combination will extend its protective umbrella over federal agency clients, whether they operate at the edge, in datacenters, or within the cloud. Accenture Federal Services will also add Google Cloud's Security AI Workbench and generative AI to all of its cybersecurity services. This will make it possible for federal agencies to find and stop threats much more quickly and accurately than before.

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John Goodman, CEO of Accenture Federal Services, emphasized the urgency of next-generation cybersecurity solutions to safeguard critical systems essential for executing federal missions. He expressed anticipation of collaborating with Google to develop bespoke solutions that will render their clients cyber-ready and resilient.

Google Public Sector CEO Karen Dahut highlighted how Mandiant's threat intelligence and Google Cloud's AI-powered security tools will provide federal agencies with a vital edge against increasingly sophisticated cyber adversaries. This bigger alliance will improve the security of federal agencies by making it easier to find and fix security holes and respond quickly to threats. This will protect their most sensitive data.

This collaboration is not new, as Accenture and Google Cloud first joined forces globally in 2018 to fortify enterprises' digital cores. By seamlessly integrating Accenture's service expertise with Google Cloud's prowess in data analytics, AI, and cybersecurity technology, they created a powerful synergy that continues to drive innovation and resilience in the face of evolving cyber threats.

Accenture Federal Services, a subsidiary of Accenture LLP, stands at the forefront of providing critical government services. Their mission is to tackle complex challenges, enhance outcomes, and construct a robust, agile, and secure digital foundation. With a workforce of 13,000 dedicated professionals, they work collaboratively to fulfill their clients' mission-critical priorities, ultimately contributing to national strength and prosperity.

In a broader context, Accenture, with its global footprint, serves as a catalyst for digital transformation across industries and governments. Their expertise spans strategy, technology, operations, industry-specific solutions, and more, enabling them to drive tangible results for clients worldwide.

Google Cloud, a powerhouse of technological innovation, plays a pivotal role in helping companies worldwide digitally transform their operations. With solutions grounded in Google's state-of-the-art technology and sustainable development tools, they serve customers in over 200 countries, empowering them to surmount their most pressing business challenges.

The launch of the Cybersecurity Center of Excellence marks a significant milestone in the ongoing battle against cyber threats. By harnessing the collective expertise of Mandiant, Accenture Federal Services, and Google Public Sector, federal agencies are poised to enter a new era of cybersecurity readiness, better equipped than ever to protect the nation's critical systems and sensitive data.