Uptake And Cognizant Announce New Collaboration To Service Energy, Utility Industries

From the goods and services we use in our daily lives, to the critical systems that underpin the functioning of our societies, data is the new beating heart of our world. Nearly everything we do that involves a computer now generates vast quantities of data, and the ability to analyze and process that data is driving a new generation of innovation and improvement to the ways we work, play, and live our lives. While industry has utilized data-driven decision making since the days of famous mechanical engineer Frederick Taylor, a leading business intelligence firm has recently paired up with a major professional services company to take industrial intelligence capabilities to the next level.

Uptake, an industrial intelligence software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, has announced its collaboration with professional services firm Cognizant in a bid to enable unified data management for the energy and utilities sectors. The partnership seeks to join Uptake Fusion, which collects and manages data via Microsoft Azure, to Cognizant’s suite of consulting, systems integration, and application services.

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"Uptake Fusion raises the value of the investments industrial operators have made in their existing operational technology (OT) data and automation systems. It cost-effectively allows companies to set up data lakes, in addition to enterprise-wide asset monitoring, automated reporting, and digital twins," said David Cox, Assistant Vice President and Consulting Lead, Energy and Utilities, Cognizant. "With Uptake Fusion, Cognizant strengthens the ability of our customers to realize the value of data intelligence sooner and at scale."

The new collaboration will enable Cognizant’s Energy & Utilities consulting practice to leverage Uptake Fusion to provide data for dashboards, reporting, and monitoring. Fusion will connect to underlying systems that contain time-series data to enable advanced analytics applications. The system will provide a rapid, scalable approach to unlock the demand for AI-enabled industrial intelligence in these sectors, with clients benefiting from Cognizant’s domain expertise.

The new collaboration is the latest step in the pairing of AI-based analytics companies with consulting firms seeking to grow their capabilities and improve client outcomes by leveraging the enormous amounts of data generated in the course of everyday business. The move stands to accelerate access to Industrial AI while curating and strengthening the integrity of data for broad enterprise use.