Wipro Expands Cybersecurity Offerings With Latest Acquisition

Over the past ten years, cybersecurity and risk services (CRS) has made the leap from a niche industry to a major one in the tech space, with worldwide spending topping out at an estimated $60.2 billion in 2021. As malicious attackers become more aggressive and sophisticated, the need for secured networks,

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software, and supply chains has never been more critical. Numerous players in the tech space have taken note of the ongoing trend and seek to bolster their business offerings, including global IT consulting firm Wipro, which recently announced the acquisition of a Texas-based cybersecurity company.

Austin-based cybersecurity consulting provider Edgile has built its reputation on providing services centered around risk and compliance, information and cloud security, and digital identity, partnering with major tech firms to provide integrated services and solutions. Wipro has been boosting its position in the cybersecurity space, acquiring Australian firm Ampion as well as the cybersecurity practice at Capco, which operates in Europe and the U.S. The acquisition of Edgile will serve as a key milestone on the company’s journey to becoming a trusted advisor to industry leaders and business stakeholders.

“The single largest initiative for enterprises across the planet in 2022 (probably also for the next five years) in making the move to full-fledged zero trust environments,” the company said in an emailed response. “The backbone of any ZT deployment is going to be authentication, followed closely by access management (privilege control). Not only has Edgile done extensive consulting in this area, but it’s also where we are aligned with the top partners for those areas, including Microsoft and SailPoint.”

Together, the companies will develop Wipro CyberTransform, an integrated platform focused on enhancing governance of cybersecurity risk that enables enterprises to operate in digital supply chains in a highly secure environment. As part of the deal, Abry Partners, a minority private equity investor in Edgile, will fully exit its investment in the company.

As organizations continue to recognize and embrace the importance of cybersecurity in their operations, products, and supply chains, it seems clear that Wipro will be well prepared to meet the needs of clients around the world.