Infosys Is Driving The New Digital Workspace

Indian multinational IT services company Infosys announced in early March that it had won a $500 million deal to provide customer experience and engineering support to Google Cloud services. This latest deal is part of significant growth in FY2021 business, up $3 billion over FY2020. This is welcome news for partner companies and shareholders alike, with the business, India’s second-largest IT company, ready to capitalize on ‘the new normal’.

With the global COVID-19 pandemic still disrupting international markets, the changes to the way people live and work has caused a dramatic surge in demand for digital and cloud transformation across a myriad of industries. With higher spending on cloud-related technology looking to drive further growth, the company launched its ‘Infosys Cobalt’ initiative in late 2020, serving as a set of services, solutions, and platforms geared toward assisting enterprises in their cloud transformation.

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By providing services built with regulatory and security compliance along with financial and technical governance in mind, enterprises partnering with Infosys are able to gain advantages in increasingly competitive industries, speeding time to market and providing ready access to a growing portfolio of cloud solutions blueprints. The company is increasingly leveraging artificial intelligence to provide ready-to-launch applications to its customers, further driving its growth in the face of transformative circumstances.

In addition to helping companies continue their move away from on-premises systems, Infosys is also working hard to drive improvements in the new way companies are doing business, focusing on three key dimensions: optimization, consumerization, and experience. The benefits to employers and employees are realized in the form of lowered TCO, improvements to managing the ‘work from anywhere, from any device’ workforce, and an increased depth and breadth of HR services, workflow orchestration, and oversight of employee wellbeing.

Even with remote work becoming the new way of doing business, physical buildings are not untouched by Infosys’s efforts, either. Their Smart Spaces initiative empowers enterprises to closely monitor health and safety compliance, while better managing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of their workspaces. With climate change and sustainability a greater focus of employees and customers alike, companies are positioned to enjoy a variety of competitive advantages.